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Alarming figures drive change in law.

Driving has become the most dangerous at-work activity, with accidents in working vehicles so numerous that Directors now face fierce fines or even jail if the company’s vehicles and drivers are not both in pristine condition.

Director, Feb 2007:34

New safety minister

Lord McKenzie of Luton has replaced Lord Hunt as Health and Safety Minister.

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):2

High Court tells CPS to reconsider charges.

The High Court has ordered the CPS to review its decision not to bring manslaughter charges over the death of Daniel Dennis.  Daniel was killed when he fell 8.5m through a Perspex rooflight while recladding a roof at a B&Q store for employer North Eastern Roofing.  No training or harness given, no guarding around rooflights.

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):2

Meat processor canned for welder’s accident.

Tulip and Armor Inox fined £225,000 and £30,986 costs after worker Matthew Smith was seriously injured when he was crushed in live machinery while installing new cooking plant.  No procedure for secure isolation of equipment.

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):2

HSC pulls plug on safety advisers scheme.

The HSC has decided not to continue funding the WSA Challenge Fund on the advice of the HSE that the initiative wasn’t giving value for money.

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):2

Scaffold fall.

Merseyside Coatings fined £13,000 and £2,730 costs after an employee fell 4m from an unstable scaffolding tower while shot-blasting a tank.  No safe system of work, neglected to act on findings of RA.  Three previous convictions for safety offences.

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):2

Terra blast.

The HSE has traced the cause of the explosion at Terra Nitrogen’s Billingham plant last June to high-pressure gas escaping from damaged pipework.

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):2

£190,000 transport fine for Travis Perkins.

Travis Perkins fined £190,000 after a heavy goods vehicle reversed into employee Ryan Reade, trapping him between the tines of a forklift truck.  Overcrowded yard, no banksmen to supervise reversing vehicles.

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):3

RoSPA/BSC in merger talks.

RoSPA and the BSC are in merger talks having agreed that a merger of the two charities would be “mutually beneficial in principle”. 

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):3

EU accident plan.

The EC is launching an action plan to get EU states to work together on reducing accidents.

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):3

Kellogg’s scoops behavioural safety prize.

A significant increase in near-miss reporting and a 60% combined reduction in lost-time and minor injuries have helped Kellogg Supply Services’ Manchester plant win the top behavioural-safety award from RoSPA and Ryder-Marsh.

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):4

SAT revision.

The HSL and the HSE have issued an updated version of the Slips Assessment Tool (SAT).  Since its launch in October 2004, there have been 8,500 downloads of SAT and there are now more than 1,300 registered users.

Internet: www.hsesat.info  Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):4

YMCA fined.

YMCA England fined £1,300 due to failure to improve unsafe area of flooring that was causing trip incidents.  RA delegated to inadequately trained member of staff.

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):4

Cleaner falls 3m.

Single Source has been fined £5,000 and £1,434 costs.  Employee Jim Morgan was working a night shift in a loading bay area on a mezzanine floor when another employee operating an electric pallet truck hit Morgan’s back, pushing him over the edge of the floor.  Failure to operate safe system of work.

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):7

WEEE beginning.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations came into force on 2 January, more than a year after the EU’s implementation deadline of August 2005.

Internet: www.dti.gov.uk/innovation/sustainability/weeepage30269.html  Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):7

Into 2007.

Key figures in UK H&S highlight the issues they believe will keep us busy this year.

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):13-14, 16, 18

Clearing the air.

This year will see English and Welsh workplaces finally become smoke-free zones.  Jocelyn Dorrell looks at signage, shelters and penalties.

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):20-22, 24

Kier in the community.

How Kier monitors the safety of hundreds of solo maintenance and repair workers scattered all over a city centre. (Sara Bean)

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):26-28

Site specifics: asbestos.

New asbestos regs came into force in November.  The best sources of information online on managing the UK’s greatest workplace killer.  (Bridget Leathley)

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):30-32

Do you measure up?

Estimating workplace noise levels is often a poor substitute for taking accurate measurements.  (Seggy T Segaran)

Health and Safety at Work 2007 29(2):34

Calls for acoustic shock action get louder.

Two in three call centres do not have written policies on avoiding and dealing with “acoustic shock”, according to a survey of more than 200 operations by consultants ContactBabel.

Internet: www.contactbabel.com  www.acousticsafety.org  Health and Safety Bulletin 2007 (355):4

EU strategy.

The EC is expected to publish in early 2007 its proposed new H&S strategy for 2007-2011.

Internet: www.hse.gov.uk/aboutus/europe/euronews/december2006/
  Health and Safety Bulletin 2007 (355):4

Management systems must address wider health issues.

Ongoing research by the HSL into best practice in H&S management has led to the conclusion that future H&S management models or guidelines must be broad enough to encompass occupational health - specifically, rehabilitation and return-to-work issues.

Internet: www.hse.gov.uk/research/hsl_pdf/2006/hsl06109.pdf  Health and Safety Bulletin 2007 (355):5

Sickness advice.

An industry- and government-backed leaflet has identified simple steps that employers can take to manage workers with common health conditions.

Internet: www.tso.co.uk  Health and Safety Bulletin 2007 (355):6

Impact of “expert systems” on safety remains unproven.

New research commissioned from BOMEL Ltd into the use of expert systems to address workplace risks has concluded that there is insufficient evidence to assess their impact.

Internet: www.hse.gov.uk/research/rrpdf/rr508.pdf  Health and Safety Bulletin 2007 (355):8

Explosives - licences.

The HSE published advice for licensing authorities on refusing, varying and revoking licences under the Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regs (MSER).

Internet: www.hse.gov.uk/explosives/information/
  Health and Safety Bulletin 2007 (355):9

Gas - CO incident.

The HSE has served Gateshead Council with an Improvement Notice after a CO incident at Crookhill Primary School.

Health and Safety Bulletin 2007 (355):9

Legionnaire’s disease - chemical sites.

The HSE published a two-page leaflet on 21 December 2006, ‘Legionnaire’s disease at chemical sites’.

Internet: www.hsenews.com/2006/12/21/legionnaires-disease-at-chemical-sites/  Health and Safety Bulletin 2007 (355):9

Respiratory disorders.

The HSE has published new online advice on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  Although smoking is the main cause of the 30,000 COPD-related deaths a year, the HSE believes that it would be 3,000 fewer if occ risks were removed.

Internet: www.hse.gov.uk/copd/index.htm   Health and Safety Bulletin 2007 (355):10

Sound advice for orchestras.

Research that would change the layout of an orchestra in order to safeguard the hearing of its members.  (Howard Fidderman)

Health and Safety Bulletin 2007 (355):11-13

“Our critical friend” - mutual benefits for the HSE and EEF.

An HSE partnership [with the EEF] with the potential to reach 6,000 employers.  (Lucinda Ponting)

Health and Safety Bulletin 2007 (355):1416

Sanctioning change: Macrory widens the regulatory toolbox.

Potential changes to sanctions for H&S breaches.  (Howard Fidderman)

Internet: www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/regulation/reviewing_regulation/
  Health and Safety Bulletin 2007 (355):17-24

McFarlane Telfer Ltd

Guilty under WHR 2005.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4040940 (01/11/06)

Mr C P Cole

Fined £7,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4030611 (01/11/06)

David Nigel Farrell

Fined total of £14,000 under HASAWA 1974 s37.  Case resulted from death of an employee.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4038811 (02/11/06)

Lotus Construction Ltd

Fined £5,000 under HASAWA 1974 s3.  IP fell through hole in floor.  No guard rails to prevent falls.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4034410 (02/11/06)

Timbmet Rochdale Ltd

Fined total of £25,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2 and MHSWR 1999.  Employee suffered fatal injuries falling approx 10m through roof-light/asbestos cement sheet whilst clearing gutter blockage.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4026666 (02/11/06)

Colin Moorhouse

Fined £12,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.  Killed by 4WD ATV, ground rutted but basically level, no aggravating ground or weather conditions, no fault with machine upon examination by Police.  IP not wearing helmet.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4031597 (03/11/06)

Sharon Moorhouse

Fined £1,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.  Killed by 4WD ATV, ground rutted but basically level, no aggravating ground or weather conditions, no fault with machine upon examination by Police.  IP not wearing helmet.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4031590 (03/11/06)

Darrell Howells

Guilty under HASAWA 1974 s7.  Accident to visiting contractor - no permit to work prepared and no crane isolation carried out.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4031254 (03/11/06)

Bridon International Ltd

Fined £15,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.  Case resulted from investigation of a fatality.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4029360 (03/11/06)

Furniss Ltd

Fined £12,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.  IP’s fingers severed by drive chain and sprocket of a packing machine during cleaning operation.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4023803 (03/11/06)

Strimech Engineering Co Ltd

Fined £45,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.  Fabricator crushed between loader bucket and fixed welding screen.  No defined H&S management system.  No RAs, so risks went unnoticed or were not dealt with.

HSE Prosecution  Case 2042856 (03/11/06)

Lyons Landfill Ltd

Fined £80,000 under HASAWA 1974 s3.  Failure to secure safe environment in quarry and landfill site.  Visiting driver killed when lorry mounted crane grab contacted OH power lines.  Deficiencies in site layout, signage, bunting, parking areas, control of visitors, crossing points and encroachment of stockpiles under lines.

HSE Prosecution  Case 2032601 (07/11/06)

Hillcrest (EM) Ltd

Fined total of £4,000 under MHSWR 1999 and PUWER 1998.  Case resulted from investigation of a fatality.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4026723 (08/11/06)

Paul Everall

Fined £1,800 under ELCI Act 1969.  Case resulted from investigation of a fatality.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4035604 (09/11/06)

Clarendon Haulage Company Ltd

Fined total of £23,500 under HASAWA 1974 s2 and MHSWR 1999.  Fatal accident to employee struck by bale when unloading truck.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4028548 (09/11/06)

Roofing Products (UK) Ltd

Fined £1,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.  Employee trapped hand in mixer whilst attempting to clean outlet.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4027343 (09/11/06)

I Holmes

Fined £2,700 under HASAWA 1974 s3.  IP fell approx 10ft, ladder there for use.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4024660 (10/11/06)

J Routledge & Sons Ltd

Guilty under HASAWA 1974 s2.  Killed when crushed by telescopic handler being used to carry gas cylinders.

HSE Prosecution  Case 2013905 (10/11/06)

Andrew Richardson

Guilty under ELCI Act 1969.  Insurance not in existence.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4012783 (13/11/06)

Creative Solutions

Fined total of £5,000 under PUWER 1998 and WHSWR 1992.  IP slipped on low surface roughness floor and his hand went into router causing lacerations.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4047590 (15/11/06)

Magnet Ltd

Fined £8,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.  IP lost finger when retaining catch failed.  Machine since removed and decommissioned.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4036211 (17/11/06)

Spire Homewares Ltd t/a Archibald Kenrick & Sons

Fined £50,000 under PUWER 1998.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4023381 (20/11/06)

Riggsed Ltd

Fined £75,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2 & 3.  Supertrack incident.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4017025 (20/11/06)

Michael R Garnett Construction Ltd

Fined £5,500 under HASAWA 1974 s3.  IP fell 2 - 2.5 m when joists supported on joist hangers used as platform collapsed.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4022849 (21/11/06)

Foundation Piling Ltd

Fined total of £1,250 under HASAWA 1974 s21 and CHSWR 1996.  Failure to supply suitable and sufficient washing facilities.  IN issued.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4036747 (22/11/06)

Gullivers World Ltd

Fined total of £80,000 under HASAWA 1974 s3 and MHSWR 1999.  Case resulted from the investigation of a fatality.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4033723 (22/11/06)

Michael Rush

Fined £250 under RIDDOR 1995.  Prosecution following accident to 16 yr old who fell through asbestos roof.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4044250 (23/11/06)

David Wilmot

Fined £1,600 under PUWER 1998.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4037652 (23/11/06)

Monty Hammond

Fined/prison suspended under HASAWA 1974 s33(1).  Failure to comply with s42 court order.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4007612 (23/11/06)

West Lothian Council

Fined £10,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.  Driver fell 2.3m from edge of transfer pit suffering spinal fracture.

HSE Prosecution  Case 2029158 (23/11/06)

"Revolution" gets underway to convince UK businesses to work smarter.

The CBI and TUC joined organisations such as BT and British Chambers of Commerce to sign the 'Concordat' - a new agreement drawn up by Work Wise UK to promote the wider adoption of smarter working practices.

Internet: www.workwiseuk.org  Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):6

Opinion on reasonable practicability delivered.

The Advocate General at the ECJ has rejected the EC's argument that the UK's application of reasonable practicability means it is failing to fulfil its obligation to protect workers under the Framework Directive.

Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):6

Teesside chemical leak injures 37.

Inspectors from the HSE's Hazardous Installations Directorate are investigating a leak of around 4.5 tonnes of hexamethylenediamine (HMD) at BASF's Seal Sands, Billingham plant.  Left 37 workers needing medical treatment.

Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):7

HSE health provision 'under-resourced'.

According to the union Prospect, the HSE is too under-resourced to be able to provide adequate occupational health care for Britain's 29 million workers.

Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):7

Baker blasts BP for safety failings.

The investigation into the explosion at BP's Texas City refinery in 2005 has concluded that BP has not provided effective process safety leadership, has not always ensured adequate resources to support a high level of safety performance, or effectively defined the level of process safety knowledge or competency required of management, personnel or contractors.

Internet: www.bp.com/bakerpanelreport  Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):7

Unprotected stairwell led to fractured spine.

Clearair Property Developments fined £1,500 and £1,559 costs.  Joiner Anthony Crack was seriously injured after falling 2.5m down an unprotected stairwell.  Inadequate measures to prevent a fall from height.

Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):11

Pipeline company to pay out £160,960 after worker run over by four-tonne vehicle.

Saint-Gobain Pipelines plc fined £150,000 and £10,960 costs.  Employee Roy Moore was maintaining a conveyor belt when a rail-mounted transfer vehicle hit him, trapping him between the guard of the conveyor and the vehicle.  Driver unable to see Roy, failure to organise safe circulation of vehicles and pedestrians.

Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):12

Earls Court fined for poor safety procedures.

Earls Court Ltd fined £175,000.  Head rigger John McLaughlin fell 6m into a hole in the stage at London's Earls Court Exhibition Centre.  Unsuitable RA, no measures taken to prevent a fall.  Third time Earls Court has been fined for a serious breach of H&S legislation.

Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):14

Company in dock for third time in two years.

Smiths (Gloucester) Ltd fined £20,000 and £6,580 costs after supervisor Russell Robinson was run over by a dumper truck.  Driver's view obscured by high load of wooden pallets.  Third prosecution of the company in the last two years.

Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):14

Scaffolding collapses were "accidents waiting to happen".

Swale Scaffolding and Castle Interiors fined £5,000 and costs of £1,988 each after a high wind tore off the roof covering and scaffolding of a three-storey building.  The temporary weatherproof covering had not been properly bolted to the wall of the building, and ended up in a pedestrian shopping precinct.  In a separate case, Michael Williams, trading as Jade Scaffolding, fined £4,000 and £2,415 costs after scaffold fell off a two-storey building, hitting a passing van.  Scaffolds were not properly secured to the building.

Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):16

A little foresight, please.

A recent House of Lords decision on the duties of employers to assess all foreseeable risks, even those that may be created by the carelessness of others.  (Kevin Bridges)

Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):19

Shattered life.

Frank Carrano's story of his workplace accident to further highlight the real costs of unsafe acts at work.  (Frank Carrano)

Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):39-41

Food for thought.

Diet is obviously a crucial factor in health and well-being, and a poor one can significantly influence health and performance at work.  (Rowena Wood)

Internet: www.dpp.org  Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):43-44

Set the record straight.

With ever-increasing commercial demands, resource challenges, and the run up to the Olympic Games development, now is a good time to look at new and practical ways to improve the construction industry's safety record.  (Ian Hutchings)

Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):46-48

Coordinate Disseminate Monitor.

The much debated and anticipated revised Construction (Design and Management) Regs are due to come into force on 6 April.  (John Anderson)

Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):51-53

Competent advice.

The University of Reading's process for vetting building contractors for competency and ensuring that the right design and construction teams are put together for the appropriate projects.  (Russell Dunne)

Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):56-58

Do the height thing.

A brief reminder of the requirements of the Work at Height Regs 2005, particularly in relation to PPE.  (Paul Barker)

Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):61-62

Safe harbour.

The Work at Height Regs 2005 specify inclusion of emergency and rescue planning.  A rescue exercise in Portsmouth docks.  (Terry Oliver)

Safety & Health Practitioner 2007 25(2):64-65

Report calls for level crossing changes.

Railway Inspectors are calling for radical changes at level crossings throughout the UK.

RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):2

Head cleared of asbestos charge.

Former headmaster, Phillip Robinson of Silverhill Primary School, Derby, has been acquitted of exposing his pupils, staff and contractors to potentially deadly asbestos.

RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):4

Beware complacency warns MAIB.

Merchant seamen and fishing crews must avoid becoming complacent while carrying out routine tasks, the MAIB warns in a new report describing recent incidents at sea.

RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):6

Union calls for overhaul of coach safety.

Following the crash of the National Express double-decker coach on the M4 last month, the Transport and General Workers' Union is calling for a thorough review of training regimes within the coach industry.

RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):8

Dangerous goods law change proposed.

The EC is proposing to standardise the rules for the transportation of dangerous goods such as explosives, flammables or corrosives.  The proposal is to integrate the existing rules into one piece of EU law, which covers road, rail and inland waterways.

Internet: www.dft.gov.uk  RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):8

Driving offences.

The CPS has launched a public consultation on road traffic offences, seeking views on how offences are prosecuted, including prosecution practice in the area of employer and corporate liability.

Internet: www.cps.gov.uk/news/pbd_index.html  RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):8

Helicopter crash.

The flight data recorder from the helicopter which crashed into the sea off Morecambe Bay in 2006, killing seven people, has been located.

RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):8

Cleaning code for NHS.

A standardised safety code to improve the way hospitals are cleaned has been launched by the NPSA.

Internet: www.npsa.nhs.uk/display?contentld=5491  RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):10

Latex allergy nurse wins compensation.

Sharon Dennelly, a former neonatal nurse for Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust, has received substantial compensation after her career was ended by a latex allergy.

RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):10

Healthcare waste guide.

A best practice guide to the management of healthcare waste is available on the Department of Health's website.  The guide includes advice on dealing with accidents and incidents such as spillages.

Internet: www.dh.gov.uk  RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):10

BSE protection: new guidance.

New guidance aimed at workers whose job could potentially expose them to BSE-infected material has been published by the ACDP.

Internet: www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/web22.pdf  RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):11

Stalker law used in workplace.

Unison Scotland is advising its safety reps to use legislation originally brought in to tackle stalking, to combat physical and verbal harassment at work.

Internet: www.unison-scotland.org.uk/briefings/harassmentprotect.html  RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):11

Shift in doctors' work patterns.

In what the RCP describes as 'a major step forward in improving safety for junior doctors', a national healthcare working group has said that the use of 7x13-hour shift patterns for junior doctors should be discouraged.

Internet: www.healthcareworkforce.nhs.uk
  www.rcplondon.ac.uk  RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):12

Phones 'cleared' in cancer link.

The latest study, involving 420,000, into the health risks related to long or short-term mobile phone use has found there is no increased cancer risk from their use.

RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):12

Older workers stress less.

A study by Robertson Cooper has found that workers aged over 56 years experience less stress than their younger colleagues and are also susceptible to different workplace stresses.

RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):12

Flu jab for poultry workers.

As a precautionary measure to prevent the potential spread of avian flu, more than 60,000 poultry workers are being offered free seasonal (human) flu vaccinations.

RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):12

Court report.

Examining recent H&S prosecutions, focusing on working at height, machinery safety and provision of training.  (Edward Hodson)

RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):14-15

Screen test.

Providing an effective service with tightly defined resources is an ongoing challenge for many H&S professionals.  One council's approach to managing the risks from DSE.  (Nick Cook)

Internet: www.hse.gov.uk/pubns%5Cindg36.pdf  RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):16-20

Growing pains.

Planned changes to the UK retirement age mean an ageing workforce is a reality and managed health at work is vital if later working lives are to be rewarding and productive.  (Elizabeth Gates)

Internet: www.agepositive.gov.uk  RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):24-28

Risky ruminations.

At the end of last year, the BRC published the report, 'Risk, Responsibility, Regulation: Whose Risk Is It Anyway?'  What is covered in the report and what is not.  (Roger Bibbings)

Internet: www.brc.gov.uk/publications/risk_report.asp  RoSPA Occup Safety & Health Journal 2007 37(2):42-43

Four Season Double Glazing

Fined £4,621.10 under HASAWA 1974 s3.  Case resulted from investigation of a fatality.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4044265 (27/11/06)

Cyril Isaacs and Co Ltd

Fined £3,000 under DSEAR 2002.  IP burnt when using methylated spirit which flashed back into dispensing bottle causing it to explode onto IP.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4037323 (27/11/06)

Ricoh UK Products Ltd

Fined £8,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.  IP lost fingers when he tried to remove obstruction in unguarded pressrolls at a kneader machine.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4034979 (27/11/06)

David Michael Potter

Fined £2,000 under HASAWA 1974 s7.  IP working adjacent to area where two lads were discharging Spit gun bullets on the floor by hitting them with pieces of steel.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4034504 (27/11/06)


Fined £2,000 under PUWER 1998.  Pillar drilling machine guarding breaches.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4034479 (27/11/06)

Pin Croft Dyeing & Printing Ltd

Fined total of £100,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2, MHSWR 1999 and PUWER 1998.  Case resulted from investigation of a fatality.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4024321 (27/11/06)

Abbey Coaches - Frederick Wren t/a

Fined total of £7,500 under HASAWA 1974 s2 and WYPCA 1920.  15 yr old IP burned when welding spark ignited open tin of thinners causing an explosion.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4010937 (27/11/06)

Wm Morrison Produce Ltd

Fined £4,500 under PUWER 1998.  In-running nip created by company by installing a bar between two produce conveyors to prevent build-up of produce debris.  Non-English speaking employee lost finger whilst cleaning conveyor.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4044626 (29/11/06)

Factory Reconstruction Co

Fined total of £10,500 under MHSWR 1999 and PUWER 1998.  Inadequately guarded circular saw.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4035820 (29/11/06)

Wyke Farms Ltd

Fined total of £13,600 under HASAWA 1974 and PUWER 1998.  IP suffered crush injuries to wrist when trapped by descending elevator of cheese block-forming machine during cleaning and washing process.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4031424 (30/11/06)

Saint Gobain Pipelines plc

Fined total of£150,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2 and WHSWR 1992.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4028470 (1/12/06)

HSE warns construction site workers of the dangers of carbon monoxide exposure.

The HSE is reminding people on construction sites of the dangers of using equipment powered by internal combustion engines in confined or poorly ventilated spaces.  This follows the fatal poisoning of three men from CO on a construction site in Reading.

HSE (South East) Press Release 14/2/07

HSE issues safety warning on work in confined spaces following Norfolk triple fatality.

Enviro-Waste Ltd fined £92,500 following the deaths of three employees who became trapped in a slurry holding tank during their work.

HSE (East) Press Release 15/2/07

New Building Regulations and guidance issued ahead of April implementation date.

The changes to Part B: ‘Fire Safety’ of the Building Regs in England and Wales and its supporting guidance are due to come into force on 6 April 2007.

Internet: www.planningportal.gov.uk  Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):3

Electrical campaign.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service is running a campaign to reduce the number of fires caused by faulty wiring and electrical appliances.

Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):3

FSA launched.

The Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) has launched the Fire and Security Association (FSA), which will be the new face of its fire and security steering group.

Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):3

Unsafe smoking campaign.

The dangers of careless smoking are being highlighted in new £1m ‘Put it out, right out!’ campaign from Communities and Local Government.

Internet: www.firekills.gov.uk  Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):4

FireFit website.

Six months after its launch, the FireFit website is attracting over 1,000 hits a month.  The site showcases best practice in health and fitness for fire and rescue services.

Internet: www.firefitsteeringgroup.co.uk  Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):4

Sprinkler success.

A fire which started in the unsprinklered basement car park of an elderly persons rest home complex in Bedminster was prevented from taking hold in the floors above by a sprinkler system fitted in the rooms.

Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):4

School fire safety survey.

The Arson Control Forum has published the findings of a fire safety survey of some 930 secondary and 300 primary schools in England and Wales.

Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):5

Robots to assist fire crews.

Sheffield Hallam University is developing two palm-sized robotic devices to help firefighters assess dangerous situations and reduce search and rescue times.

Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):5

Prevention success.

Fire prevention initiatives by Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service have resulted in a 14% reduction in the number of accidental property fires during 2006.

Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):5

Business matters.

Cutting economic waste and better management of fire service resources is key to the success of the UK’s new fire safety regime.  (Denis O’Brien)

Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):10

Co-responding - the case for and against.

Should co-responding be part of the job description of the modern firefighter, or is it wrong for fire crews to be a kind of makeshift ambulance service?

Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):12-17

Counter culture.

The need for counter disaster planning to ensure heritage sites can deal with fire and flood risks and carry out effective salvage operations.  (Steve Emery)

Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):18-21

Engineering value.

The need for fire engineers to develop effective strategies for historic buildings.  (Paul Bryant)

Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):22-23

Fortified protection.

The fire protection of University College, Durham.  (Nikki Morgan)

Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):28-29

A sense of history.

Aspirating smoke detection can overcome many of the problems faced by conventional systems when used in heritage buildings.  (Adam Pool)

Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):30-34

On the defensive.

Is the fire service’s attitude to risk becoming too defensive and disproportionate?  (Mac McGregor)

Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):36-38

Operating system.

A new dynamic and intelligent operational training process being introduced by London Fire Brigade.  (Sir Ken Knight)

Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):42-43

Hidden meaning.

The findings of a recent project on concealed and recessed pattern sprinkler products.  (Kelvin Annable)

Internet: www.bre.co.uk  Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):44, 46-47

Portable safety.

Some of the portable fire extinguishers that have been developed to improve workplace safety.  (Keith Masterman)

Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):48-49

Supporting role.

The CFOA has set out its unequivocal support for water suppression systems in a new guidance document.

Internet: www.cfoa.org.uk/docimages/2326.pdf  Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):50-51

FPA large loss analysis 2004.

An analysis of fires incurring losses of £100,000-plus during 2004.  (Adair Lewis)

Fire Prevention 2007 413 (February):53-59

Kubota (UK) Ltd

Fined £35,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.  IP Roger Adams was using a grass collector supplied by Kubota when he amputated his hand in the turbine.  Turbine was not guarded or interlocked.

HSE Prosecution  Case 2014133 (04/12/06)

Tipping Services (Construction) Ltd

Fined total of £5,000 under HASAWA 1974 s33, PUWER 1998, RIDDOR 1995 and ELCIR 1998.  Prosecution for 4 offences.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4030453 (04/12/06)

Mr Robert Spencer

Fined £10,000 under HASAWA 1974 s33.  Breach of Prohibition Notice.  Prosecution of Director as individual.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4031370 (04/12/06)

Drain Busters (NW) Ltd

Fined £16,000 under HASAWA 1974 s3.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4031363 (07/12/06)

Tulip Ltd

Fined £130,000 under HASAWA 1974 s3.  Employee trapped in machine when sensor tripped causing beam to descend, crushing his pelvis in two places.  No compliance with CDM, poor control of contractors.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4042597 (07/12/06)

Reverchon Industries SA

Fined total of £120,000 under HASAWA 1974 s6.  Case resulted from investigation of a fatality.  Gemma Savage died on a spinning roller coaster at Lightwater Valley park.

HSE Prosecution  Case 2015065 (08/12/06)

Eric Butters

Fined £2,500 under HASAWA 1974 s7.  Case resulted from investigation of fatality.  Maintenance electrician at Lightwater Valley park where Gemma Savage died on a spinning roller coaster.

HSE Prosecution  Case 2015119 (08/12/06)

Lightwater Valley Attractions Ltd

Fined £35,000 under HASAWA 1974 s3.  Case resulted from investigation of fatality.  Gemma Savage died on a spinning roller coaster.

HSE Prosecution  Case 2015123 (08/12/06)

Rosekey Ltd

Guilty under HASAWA 1974 s3.  Building collapse.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4032616 (08/12/06)

Mr Kashmir Singh Atwal

Guilty under HASAWA 1974 s37.  Building collapse.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4032625 (08/12/06)

HSE aims to reduce high rate of slips and trips accidents in the Education Sector.

Over 50% of all accidents in education are caused by a slip or trip.  On 8 March, the HSE is holding a Midlands workshop at Warwickshire College, giving guidance on assessing risks and what can be done to control them.

HSE (West Midlands) Press Release 12/2/07

Success in spotlight on Health and Safety.

York Council’s Environmental Health Department and the HSE successfully promoted a week-long campaign to raise awareness of a variety of H&S issues.  This was combined with a more hard-hitting programme of inspections of premises in the York area.

HSE (Yorkshire and Humber) Press Release 12/2/07

HSE refutes attack on safety record.

The HSE has stated that media coverage of their safety record is misleading and inaccurate, and does not compare like with like.  They have also said that the H&S “inspector” caught shaving whilst at the wheel of his car is not an HSE employee.

HSE (National) Press Release 12/2/07

Construction safe & sustainable awareness day offers help for the industry… from the industry.

The Safe & Sustainable Awareness Day in Chippenham on 20th Feb aims to raise awareness among small local building contractors and small design practices of the importance of safety and sustainability.

Internet: http://www.wwt.com  HSE (South West) Press Release 12/2/07

HSE reminds workers of dangers of working at height.

Richard Bradley fell 10m from a Mobile Elevated Work Platform at Manor Royal Industrial Estate, Crawley, sustaining serious injuries.  The HSE warns employers and employees to be extra vigilant when working from height.

HSE (North East) Press Release 14/2/07

Region builds on Health and Safety.

The HSE is joining forces with a cross section of Britain’s house building companies and associated bodies to host SHAD 2007, Britain’s largest safety and health awareness day.  Aims to raise awareness of the key H&S issues facing the construction industry.

HSE (Yorkshire and Humber) Press Release 15/2/07

Targeted farm inspections to focus on work at height.

HSE inspectors are carrying out a series of unannounced intensive farm inspections throughout Scotland, focusing on building maintenance and other work at height.

HSE (Scotland) Press Release 15/2/07

HSE issues warning after builder prosecuted following Elland building collapse.

Shabir Naseem, trading as SH Builders, fined £7,500 and £7,190.58 costs for breaching a Prohibition Notice which ordered him to stop construction work on a site in Elland, where a building under development later collapsed.

HSE (Yorkshire and Humber) Press Release 15/2/07

Staying safe down on the farm.

400 farmers and farm workers attended a farm safety day run by the HSE in Suffolk, organised to reduce the number of farm workers killed and injured each year.

Internet: http://www.hse.gov.uk/agriculture/index.htm  HSE (East) Press Release 16/2/07

Catalogue of errors led to nursing home death - Southern Cross Healthcare fined £175,000 following fatality.

Southern Cross Health Care Group PLC fined £175,000 and costs of £15,919.20 following the death of 69 year-old resident, Margaret O’Mara, who suffocated in her bed after becoming trapped by the legs in a gap between one of the bedrails on her bed and the beds mattress.

HSE (West Midlands) Press Release 16/2/07

Hammering home health and safety.

Small businesses in London are invited to a free introduction to H&S at West Ham United Football Club where experts from a wide range of sectors will be on hand with advice and information to help London’s businesses grow from strength to strength.

HSE (London) Press Release 16/2/07

Building the future - the safe way.

In the last 25 years, over 2,800 people in Britain have died from injuries they have received as a result of construction work.  It is hoped that this statistic will be reduced when the new CDM Regs come into force in April.

HSE (North East) Press Release 21/2/07

Phoning while driving warning for bosses.

Bosses have been reminded that it is illegal to 'cause or permit' employees to use a hand-held phone while driving, as the Government introduces new penalties for the offence.

Safety Management 2007 (Feb):5

Free hearing checks.

Workers are being urged to take a free five-minute telephone hearing check by the TUC and the RNID.

Telephone: 0845 600 5555.  Safety Management 2007 (Feb):5

Executive/Commission merger 'is not being done to cut costs' - HSE.

The HSE has denied that the proposed merger of the Commission and the Executive is being carried out to cut costs.

Safety Management 2007 (Feb):6

British health and safety still on trial despite Euro decision.

Last month saw mixed news for British bosses as Europe's Advocate General decided that the UK is applying safety law correctly, but failed to fully endorse the Government's position.

Safety Management 2007 (Feb):6

Nuclear clean-up under threat.

Unions representing nuclear industry workers claim that the Treasury plans to cut funding to the NDA by £160 million for 2007/8.  Funding shortfall in clean-up programme could compromise safety and public confidence.

Safety Management 2007 (Feb):7

BBC may still face prosecution.

The HSE has denied newspaper reports that it has decided not to prosecute the BBC over the crash involving Richard Hammond, Top Gear presenter.

Safety Management 2007 (Feb):7

Serious gaps in workplace transport training.

According to a recent study by the HSL, a quarter of UK companies offer no training for their workplace vehicle operators.  28% of firms across five of the UK's major sectors have not performed an RA on workplace transport.

Internet: www.hse.gov.uk/research/rrpdf/rr523.pdf  Safety Management 2007 (Feb):7

Getting noticed isn't always good.

The different types of Enforcement Notice and the grounds for appealing them.  (Erika Rainger)

Safety Management 2007 (Feb):8-10

Tesco fined over employee's oil scalding.

Tesco fined £10,000 and £13,181 in costs.  A bakery assistant was using a plastic bucket to empty oil out of a doughnut fryer when the bottom of the bucket gave way, causing oil to splash onto her feet, badly blistering and scarring them.  Inadequate equipment, supervision and training.  H&S systems not implemented or monitored at local level

Safety Management 2007 (Feb):14

Polish worker dies after training failure.

Cartwright and Sons fined £50,000 and £20,788 costs.  Antoni Dec, one of a group of Polish agency workers, was helping to construct a refrigeration unit when he lost his balance, falling nearly 4m onto a concrete floor and sustaining fatal injuries.  Insufficient training and RA, no translation for non-English speaking employees.

Safety Management 2007 (Feb):18

Construction companies 'must shore up deep trenches', warns HSE.

Morgan Utilities Ltd fined £10,000, one of its managers, Gordon Holt, fined £1,000 and both ordered to pay £8,000 costs. An HSE inspector spotted two men working in an unsupported trench during the installation of a water main.  The HSE has warned construction firms that they must take steps to protect employees working in trenches.

Safety Management 2007 (Feb):18

New online international health and safety qualification.

BSC has launched the Introductory Award in Health and Safety, a new international H&S qualification suitable for all employees in the workplace, with online exams.

Internet: www.bscawards.org  Safety Management 2007 (Feb):25

GSL - where safety is a core concern.

Government and private clients entrust their premises to GSL UK Limited when they out-source site management to the maintenance experts.  Ensuring the very highest standards in H&S across diverse sites.  (Karen Wilson talks to Mike Gannon)

Safety Management 2007 (Feb):27-30

A short, sharp shock.

Despite official caution, many people believe that acoustic shock is a growing health problem among Britain's army of call centre workers.  The issues associated with noise in call centres and how managers should go about tackling them.  (Rory Lavelle)

Safety Management 2007 (Feb):33-36

Heard the latest?

Ever since the HSE tightened up the noise regs last April, bosses have had stricter duties to control noise exposure.  A reminder of the main changes and what firms need to do to ensure staff are not at risk from excessive noise.  (Tim Turney)

Safety Management 2007 (Feb):39-40, 42

Keeping an eye on HAVS.

Employers have a duty to provide health surveillance for workers who may be exposed to harmful levels of hand-arm vibration.  What the law requires.  (Jonathan Crabtree, Fiona Hughes)

Safety Management 2007 (Feb):44-45, 47

Cleaning up their act.

It's nearly three years since 23 Chinese cocklers lost their lives in Morecambe Bay.  So what's changed since then to prevent another tragedy?

Health and Safety Newsletter 2007 (5)Feb:6-7

Moving goods safely.

Moving Goods Safely (MGS) is a supply chain initiative aimed at reducing incidences of injury and ill health arising from the movement of goods within the logistics, road haulage and goods delivery sectors.

Internet: www.hse.gov.uk/movinggoods/index.htm  Health and Safety Newsletter 2007 (5)Feb:8-9

HGV unloading.

A pallet network fined £100,000 and £8,638 costs.  Employee killed while unloading pallets from the side of an HGV using an FLT, when HGV caught FLT, causing it to overturn.  Driver was thrown out of his seat.  Systematic failings at the site including not using seatbelts and poor visibility.

Health and Safety Newsletter 2007 (5)Feb:10

Bringing a smile to safety training.

The HSE has brought out two new training DVDs featuring the animated character NAPO and his uncanny knack of falling foul of hazards at work.  NAPO appears in a series of award-winning training films, ideal for new and young workers and those for whom English is not their first language.

Health and Safety Newsletter 2007 (5)Feb:14

Working with VDUs.

Revised guide for people who work with VDUs, and their employers.

Internet: www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg36.pdf  Health and Safety Newsletter 2007 (5)Feb:15

Paper industry improves health and safety performance.

Statistics provided by the CPI display a downward trend in the workplace accident rate and significant reductions in major injuries.

HSE Press Release E005p:07 20/2/07

HSE publishes THORP leak report.

The HSE has published a report on its investigation into a leak of radioactive liquid within the THORP facility, part of the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant.

Internet: www.hse.gov.uk/nuclear/thorp.htm  HSE Press Release E006:07 23/2/07

South West London & St George's Mental Health NHS Trust prosecuted following death of elderly visitor.

HSE are prosecuting South West London and St George's Mental Health Trust after an 88-year-old man died from injuries sustained from falling into an 18-inch hole in a path on the Springfield Hospital site.

HSE (London) Press Release 19/2/07

Free advice at HSE Carlisle construction seminar.

Cumbrian construction firms will be given free advice at  a Working Well Together H&S event on 22/3/07.  Designed to raise awareness of key H&S issues in the industry.

HSE (North West) Press Release 20/2/07

York joiners fined after worker's fall.

HBR (North) Ltd fined £10,000 and £2,124 costs.  A contractor, who worked for AMG Ltd, was installing a compressor when he fell 2m through a hole in the floor, pulling the equipment weighing 120kg on top of him.  No planning, supervision or RA.

HSE (Yorkshire and Humber) Press Release 22/2/07

Pig farmers get help to save their bacon.

The HSE is holding its first ever H&S day aimed exclusively at the pig industry.  The event will focus on health issues like noise, dust and skin diseases and advice on the use of site transport and site housekeeping.

HSE (Yorkshire and Humber) Press Release 22/2/07

Anglesey event puts the spotlight on back injuries.

In support of the Welsh Assembly Government's Welsh backs campaign, the HSE and the FSB have joined forces to hold a conference on the serious problem of back injuries among employees.

Internet: www.welshbacks.com  HSE (Wales) Press Release 22/2/07

Scotweld Ltd

Fined £33,000 under HASAWA 1974.  Failed to provide a safe system of work for employees working on or near operating train lines.

HSE Prosecution  Case 2029129 (13/11/06)

Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd

Fined £130,000 under HASAWA 1974.  Failed to provide a safe system of work for employees working on or near operating train lines.

HSE Prosecution  Case 2029128 (13/11/06)

Greens Flour Mills Ltd

Fined £14,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.  IP lost the top of his finger in a rotary seal while clearing a possible blockage in the grinder house dust collection unit in the flour mill.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4030367 (24/11/06)

A J (Civil Engineering)

Fined total of £800 under PUWER 1998 and LOLER 1998.  A lorry mounted crane fell over injuring the operator.  The crane was on hire to a tree surgery firm.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4029730 (11/12/06)

Burgoynes (Lyonshall) Ltd

Fined total of £5,500 under MHSWR 1999 and WHR 2005.  IP was standing in a potato box balanced on the forks of a telehandler when he fell off, suffering major injuries.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4034357 (11/12/06)

Scarness Fabrications Ltd

Fined £2,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.  Flooring was being moved out of a workshop using a strop and hook attached to a fork lift.  The IP was guiding the material out of the shop when the driver of the fork lift ran over his foot.  Method of strop and hook should only be used when no other method is possible, and a third person should be present.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4035697 (12/12/06)

Glinwell Marketing Ltd

Fined £2,000 under WHSWR 1992.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4008993 (13/12/06)

Cirteq Ltd

Fined £10,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.  IP fractured his arm when he lost his balance in an inspection pit and fell with his arm in a conveyor and roller system.  Rollers/conveyor area now fully guarded.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4026909 (13/12/06)

Bampton Packaging Ltd

Fined total of £10,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2 and WHSWR 1992.  Employee using substances hazardous to health, and insufficient measures taken to prevent any person falling a distance likely to cause personal injury while entering or leaving a waste skip.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4036104 (13/12/06)

Cirteq Ltd

Fined £3,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.  IP injured when he fell to the floor while helping a maintenance fitter.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4044174 (13/12/06)

Gates Hydraulics Ltd

Fined £6,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4048325 (13/12/06)

S Cartwright & Sons (Coach Builders) Ltd

Fined £50,000 under HASAWA 1974 s3.  DP was working on the roof of a refrigerated unit when he slipped and fell 12 feet.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4035681 (14/12/06)

Corus UK Ltd

Fined total of £1,333,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2 and s3.  3 deaths resulting from explosion of blast furnace.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4046559 (14/12/06)

Mass Developments (UK) Ltd

Fined £1,000 under CHSWR 1996.  Building collapse.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4011144 (15/12/06)

Single Source Ltd

Fined £5,000 under HASAWA 1974 s2.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4033793 (15/12/06)

Chieftain Homes Ltd

Fined £2,000 under CHSWR 1996.  Fall from height.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4036008 (15/12/06)

Westfield Roofing (Mr Tim Woodman t/a)

Fined £1,500 under CHSWR 1996.  Structural collapse during the construction of a number of domestic residences.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4036051 (15/12/06)

P W North

Fined total of £3,000 under PUWER 1998.  IP suffered serious injuries when run over by a loader.  No brakes.  Long standing breach.

HSE Prosecution  Case 4040484 (15/12/06)


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