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CHASE Software
May 19, 2016

Creating the time to ensure you are compliant!

Time Management is an issue for most of us today in modern life. So if we could give you a software tool that would help you and your team to proactively monitor and audit anything, freeing up your time to verify and deal with the non-compliances, how would you feel? What is Pro-Evaluate? Pro-Evaluate, is a software product that can…
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CHASE SoftwarePro-Evaluate
August 17, 2015

The History of Hastam’s CHASE

Professor Richard Booth reviews one of Hastam's earliest products (CHASE) and how it has progressed through the years leading to the introduction of the newest product Pro-Evaluate. In a previous post I described how I ‘rubbished’ the International Safety Rating System (ISRS) in the 1970s because it was too ‘American’ and too prescriptive.  I was later proved wrong because ISRS…
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CHASE SoftwareGeneral Health and Safety
August 18, 2014

Hastam Launch… Pro- Evaluate

After many months of promising, Hastam can finally announce that a web-based version of Chase is now up and running and has been re branded as Pro- Evaluate. The re-naming of the product has been something of great debate internally, whilst many of our users are benefiting from health and safety auditing, more and more we are finding that clients…
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CHASE SoftwareDocumentationGeneral Health and SafetyRisk
August 11, 2014

How good is your health and safety documentation? by Dr Tony Boyle

Good practice is to: write health and safety documentation from the point of view of the people who will read it. use the documentation to explain clearly what your organisation wants people to do in order to maintain and improve health and safety. When I write health and safety documentation I start by getting answers to the following questions?  Who…
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Behavioural SafetyCHASE SoftwareGeneral Health and Safety
January 17, 2012

The importance of planning in health and safety

Planning in health and safety (H&S) is a process well specified in BS OHSAS 18001 but it is our experience that H&S professionals rarely follow this well specified process. Planning tends to be reactive in response to problems arising, rather than proactive in the long term interests of the organisation. The BS OHSAS 18001 process includes the following elements: risk…
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