On the 5th December, we held our second NEBOSH course ‘Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence.  The course was facilitated by Paul Haxell.

NEBOSH and the HSE jointly developed this course and it is designed to support leaders who want to create an organisational culture where health and safety are valued as integral to achieving business and personal success.  It is ideal for directors and senior executives, and benefits anyone who aspires to become a senior leader of the future.

Attendees came from a number of different industries including the Fire Service, Manufacturing, Third Sector and a Government Agency. The leadership principles covered on the course will support effective leadership in all areas of business performance.

The course is ideal for organisations working towards ISO 45001 certification.  This new health and safety management system standard places leadership at the centre of the Plan-Do-Check-Act continual improvement cycle. The course can also be used for health and safety leadership refresher training and will provide new insights for organisations that have previously used alternative safety for senior executives courses.

If you want to see more detail on what the course contains you can read it here.

Here are a few comments from those who attended and even a video review!

‘Very useful and informative. I will take away a lot away from this course that I can put into action. I found the reflective statements the most useful. We all know what we are trained to do but look at ourselves and how we can improve ourselves to improve our safety culture will be beneficial to myself and CWGC’  – Julie Talmer CWGC

‘Informative, technically proficient and rewarding. The ISO 45001 understanding was useful’ – Chris Gargan  – KSD group Ltd

‘This is an excellent course that introduces some really interesting concepts that I have not considered before. For me the most useful thing is to be able to provide answers to why certain situations exist at work. I am now able to conceptualize why our Health and Safety culture is where it is.’ – Duncan Thomas CWCG

‘I found the course to be very thought provoking and caused me to realise that I don’t spend enough time reflecting on what we do and the benefit it brings. The discussion and comments made during the day were useful. Also the course material which I will take more time to study and reflect on’ –  Neil Thomas – The environment agency

Throughout 2019 Hastam are running open courses for the Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence course. You can book your place here. If you are interested in running a course just for your company then please give us a call (01509 410380) and we can discuss that option with you.


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