Crest Nicholson Plc

Consultancy for Safety Management System For the last 7.5 years Dr Tony Boyle has worked with our company to establish and implement a safety management system that effectively conforms to the requirements of BSOHSAS 18001. As a result of his involvement we have experienced a significant reduction in incidents and conformity with applicable legislation amongst other benefits.

Imperial College

External Audit An excellent review of our progress in implementing recommendations of a previous audit giving us reassurance on our achievements while at the same time encouraging us to adopt more of the 18001 approach to improve standards further. Ian Gillett 8/11/11 Imperial College London.

Total Produce UK

The Health and Safety for Senior Management Courses provided by Hastam were of great value in helping to drive the focus of health and safety leadership through our organisation. The subject-matter was highly relevant and was reinforced by thought provoking break-out sessions and guided discussions. The courses were well received by all delegates without exception.

Canal & River Trust Improve Visitor Risk Assessments

There were a number of issues with Canal & River Trust structures which were operated by members of the public – for example lock gates and opening bridges on canals & navigable rivers. It was noted by the Hastam consultant that Canal & River Trust personnel were spending considerable time on visitor safety risk assessments that could be done by someone else and that previous visitor risk assessments at a range of structures were not being carried out in a systematic manner making them vulnerable to prosecution.

Understanding of Health and Safety Management

I had the opportunity earlier this year (2011) to work with Hastam and receive some mentoring from Dr Tony Boyle during employment with a Community Health Services Trust (NHS). Working with Tony helped us to look at our management system using BS OHSAS 18001 (not how any of us had been originally trained to use BS OHSAS 18001!), and make massive improvements whilst simplifying health and safety management.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Our client, CWGC (Commonwealth War Graves Commission) has a large itinerant workforce who maintain a large number of buildings and their grounds in many different countries. There is a wide range of tasks and our client has detailed written risks assessments for all of them.

H & S Expert Witness Case Study

HASTAM consultants were involved in giving expert advice to a Sheffield steel company in May 2015 following the death of a 42-year-old worker. The incident happened in December 2012 when the worker, a visiting delivery driver, was killed when he was knocked off his lorry during the unloading of three-tonnes of steel tubes.

European Space Agency

Following a successful first workshop in 2015, this year Hastam was invited to develop and deliver an Active Safety Leadership workshop for the Estates and Facilities (EFM) management team of the European Space Agency (ESA). The 2015 workshop focused on senior managers’ role in the management and improvement of safety, providing refresher training on good practice in managing health and safety.

EDF Energy (Cottam Site)

How we’ve been helping EDF (Cottam site) with their auditing since 2012 (in the words of Reg Smith, H&S Professional at EDF Cottam) Overall – what has our software done for EDF Cottam? What is brilliant about the new system is the ability to be able to weight the questions so that we can complete a question set.

Mount Anvil

Dan recently did a Talking about Safety course in Mount Anvil which went down really well. This is an interactive practical skills course for all managers and supervisors who want to learn how to constructively engage with individuals and small groups about safety matters.

Confederation of Paper Industries

Over the summer Hastam supported the Director of Health and Safety for the Confederation of Paper Industries at their biennial conference where Judith Hackitt opened the event. We provided an interactive workshop and training on incident investigation and thought provoking talks on safety leadership, focusing on leading and influencing peoples’ behaviour.