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Below is a summary as to how we’ve been helping EDF (Cottam site) with their auditing since 2012 as described by Reg Smith, H&S Professional at EDF Cottam:

Overall – what has our software done for EDF Cottam?

What is brilliant about the new system is the ability to be able to weight the questions so that we can complete a question set and immediately see the results and what we need to focus on. Sites have been impressed at the instant results and feedback that we are able to share. Previously we would complete an audit and then take the information back, analyse it, create a report, summary and actions and then send this back to them (those who were audited). With this system we are able to complete the audit, run and print the report with a summary and give instant feedback to sites. This saves time and also being able to give instant results and advice to the site concerned allows things to move much quicker and more efficiently.

How useful did you find the question sets? We found these quite useful and a good starting point. It is really great to be able to pick specific elements, so you can focus your audit on specific areas. Equally, you have the flexibility to look at all or part of any question set.

What are the personal benefits to using this software? For me it is the speed that I am able to give answers and not have to spend time wading through paper information and write reports and summaries.

What are the benefits to Cottam? Being able to tailor the information to relevant individuals is really valuable and again how the system has sped the process up in regards to the audit and reporting.

Why would you recommend this software to others?

  • The flexibility of the system – being able to have your own question sets and also be able to use parts of these is really useful
  • Adaptability – have the ability to amend and update question sets as the business develops is a great tool
  • Once you get your head around the system it is really easy to use. You can update and change it and ensure that it is a live database within the business.

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