A basic introductory course into the art of non-directive performance coaching. Learn about the key models and techniques that underpin this magical process that brings out the best in your people.

Who are the workshops aimed at?

Anyone in a leadership position who wants to learn how to unleash the potential of their people.

What do the workshops aim to achieve?

At the end of the workshops the participants will have a working knowledge of the most important coaching models and techniques. They will have practised coaching, been observed and provided with feedback. They will have been given the opportunity to learn one of the most powerful leadership skills available, non-directive coaching.

What will you learn about?

Key coaching models and techniques, for example:

  • The T-GROW Model
  • Hargrove’s push/pull model
  • Listening to understand – keeping your own mind quiet
  • Keeping the lightbulb in the right place
  • The Model T
  • The Precision Model
  • 4 Tests & a question
  • Body language & Energy
  • Challenge vs Rapport
  • The coaching equation
  • Over here, over there, between us, around us
  • Hypothesis
  • Visualisation
  • Time-lining
  • Pushing in a non-directive way
  • Contracting
  • Further reading materials and development opportunities

The course will be highly interactive with participants practising what they have learnt at each stage, being observed and provided with feedback.

Workshop length

3 days – not consecutive. Participants will be expected to practise and study between workshops.

How many people on the workshop?

10 delegates maximum