Pro-Evaluate is a highly flexible, cost-effective, web-based software solution for managing health and safety audits, inspections, compliance and competence assessments, employee perception surveys and tracking improvement actions, with a pedigree going back over 25 years.

Hastam worked in partnership with Evolve to develop the software with the mission to make it web-based, using latest techniques in responsive design to ensure it could be used effectively across all devices in both online and offline mode. Pro-Evaluate was designed to be highly flexible and usable across any sector and area of business, not limited to Health & Safety.

Construction company case study

The client:

Seddon is a construction company who delivers over £160m of building projects across the UK and employs nearly 800 people.

The problem:

  • Audits were being carried out using a substandard solution which lacked visibility and control.
  • Management had no way of seeing if an audit had been completed to standard, or at all.
  • Health and Safety standards were slipping because of inefficient integration with other business objectives.
  • Communications associated with audits was confusing.


  • Pro Evaluate was implemented into the business as standard, the client requested certain customisations such as ‘close out functionality’ and ‘section colour scoring’.
  • ‘Close out’ ensured that any audits where returned to the task originator for checking/sign off.
  • Colour scoring allowed client to ensure high risk issues were completed first.
  • On-site training was provided to all users.

Benefits to the client:

  • Fully automated auditing from a centralised data base
  • Managerial tracking and sign off of tasks
  • Cost effective solution
  • Outstanding customer care
  • Unlimited question sets can be created
  • Full visibility and control
  • Actions are tracked
  • Consolidated reporting

What the client had to say:

“We can now have 100% confidence in our auditing process with the functionality Evolve have built into Pro-Evaluate for us. We have also received some brilliant customer service from the team”


Find out more about how Pro-Evaluate can help and prices here.

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