Dan Terry, Safety Visionary: 8 June 1964 – 9 July 2018


It is with great sadness that we announce that we have lost a dear friend and colleague.  Dan Terry was a well-loved member of the Hastam team who joined us in 2011.  He has died at the untimely age of 54 having lived with cancer for many years.

Dan previously worked for The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, and for several companies delivering leadership skills training. Over the last decade he delivering leadership and behaviour based programs for the construction industry and many others both in the UK and overseas.

Dan started his career in the mining industry and his experience at the coalface was the foundation of his skills as an impassioned advocate of safety.  In the mining industry everyone, managers and the workforce, share exposure to extreme risks.

He will be greatly missed by the vast number of people who have been inspired by his energy, his enthusiasm, and by his vision of how to promote safety.  He spent his time engaging workforces and managers, helping them to realise what was really important – the lives of everybody at work.

We are proud of Dan and his achievements in the world of safety and the lives that he has saved and changed for the better.

He was also a great family man and our hearts go out to his wife Tracey, and his daughters Katie and Ruth, and his grandchildren.

Mike Vyvyan our former Chief Executive writes:

“It is with sadness and a heavy heart that I heard the news of Dan’s death. Dan was a man of integrity, vision and humanity. From our first meeting it was evident that he was hungry to learn and to push his personal boundaries.

He wanted to be the best he could be. He was passionate to share his insights regarding leadership, behavioural change and injury prevention. He always sought to be innovative and original. Dan was ambitious for himself, his family and those he worked with – colleagues and clients. He worked hard to make a difference and to influence others for good.  With Dan passing a family has lost a loving and caring husband and father.  Hastam has lost a brilliant colleague and the wider world has lost a man who made a difference.”

Dan befriended a number of individuals, including Jason Anker MBE and Paul Mahoney, who had experienced life changing injuries and assisted them to tell their stories as a warning to others and give them a means of rebuilding their lives.

Paul Mahoney, who lost an arm in a conveyer accident, which with incredible surgical skills was sewn back on, and was the subject of a BBC documentary writes:

“Life takes unexpected turns.   Out the blue I had a message from a colleague who I had worked with in the paper industry.  He had been on a course run by someone who had shown my BBC 999 video to demonstrate what can go wrong.  Anyway, this guy wanted to get hold of me.

In October 2012 I met this guy in a pub in Gillingham for a meal and a chat. I thought he just wanted to fill in some gaps and bring my story up to date. I was shocked when he asked me to talk about the effects of the accident on my life, and how the accident happened – in detail, and at courses and conferences!

This guy was Dan Terry always the visionary and leader. Dan trusted me to make the right call and was always willing to listen to ideas, no matter how wacky some sounded.

It was a pleasure to have worked alongside Dan for the last six years.  More importantly I’m glad to say Dan was a friend.  He will be sorely missed, but never forgotten by those who knew him. His lasting legacy for me will be that Dan inspired people to reach another level.”

Dan Terry, Safety Visionary: 8 June 1964 – 9 July 2018. 


In lieu of flowers the family are asking donations be made to The Woodlands Trust.   If you would like to contribute you can do so via just giving.

Written by Liz Shuttleworth

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