Individual Behaviour in the Control of Danger

Andrew R. Hale and A. Iain Glendon

This book, originally published in 1987, is a classic in the field of human factors and safety.

Andrew R. Hale and A. Iain Glendon Industrial Safety Series – Volume 2 (1987)
ISBN 0-444-42838-0 (Vol.2) ISBN 0-444-42749-X (Series) © A.R. Hale & A.I. Glendon


The Guide to Evaluating the Effectiveness of Strategies for Preventing Work Injuries

Lynda S. Robson, Harry S. Shannon, Linda M. Goldenhar, Andrew R. Hale

Are your safety measures really working? How do you know that? What proof is there that things will improve? These are all questions that should concern every safety and health professional, whether working as an adviser for companies, or as a researcher. Want to know more?

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Health and Safety: Risk Management

Dr Tony Boyle

This definitive volume on risk management is still in print and now in a third edition. It is not available as a download, but we can let you have Chapter 20 – Advanced accident investigation and risk assessment as a PDF. (NB this is currently from the second edition so there are some differences in the text).

IOSH Services Ltd ISBN 978 0 901357 41 0


Hindsight Bias

Professor Richard Booth

Professor Richard Booth has written on the importance of Hindsight Bias in a contentious, albeit personal, account of its effects on the investigation of the Buncefield explosion. Richard’s analysis is underpinned by a study of research literature which takes the story in unexpected directions.

Regulatory Overload

Regulatory Overload: A Behavioural Analysis of Regulatory Compliance

Andrew Hale, David Borys and Mark Adams

Andrew Hale was recently invited by the Mercatus Center at the George Mason University in Arlington Virginia to prepare a policy paper to contribute to the debate, raging also in the USA, about the burden of safety regulation on companies. Many of the arguments are relevant to the debate in UK and Europe, though in a number of aspects these countries are further advanced than the USA in tackling the issue constructively. The paper is available for free download by following the link below.


Safety Interventions

Andrew Hale

Two papers on the evaluation of the safety interventions with Professor Andrew Hale as one of the authors. Paper 1 is called 'Evaluating the Success of Safety Culture Interventions' and Paper 2 is 'Safety Culture Change in Two Companies'.


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