Hastam’s Benchmarking Workshops are a collaboration with the School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University

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I really enjoyed the benchmarking session recently held at Loughborough University. As a HR professional currently working in an L&D role, I found the conversations around the training needs of those with Health and Safety responsibilities both insightful and thought-provoking. I will definitely use the information gathered to inform future projects that fall within my remit.

Dafydd Stone - Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water Safety Culture Benchmarking Workshop Sept 2018

As the Senior Safety Advisor for H&S Training with the Metropolitan Police Service I found the Hastam Safety Culture Benchmarking Workshop to be a great shared learning experience. Hearing different approaches to the training and development of front line safety leaders helped put in perspective where the MPS is with respect to supporting safety maturity through training. It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss with managers from across the public and private sector their experiences of raising the safety culture of their organisations. The case study presentations were enlightening and interesting and the group presentations and discussions were lively and stimulating.

Christine Ilesley - Metropolitan PoliceSafety Culture Benchmarking Workshop Sept 2018

Having never attended a benchmarking workshop before I didn’t know what to expect but I was so pleased that I went as it was a really positive experience. The Group sessions turned out to be really beneficial and meeting other safety professionals and senior managers from different backgrounds, hearing their ideas and issues and made me realise I’m part of a much wider community. It was definitely worthwhile attending and I would recommend attending these workshops to others. I will be there at the next event in April.”

Julie Talmer - CWGCSafety Culture Benchmarking Workshop Sept 2018

It is easy not to make time to attend events like this but if you do attend this one it is worth it!

Neil Thomson - Environment Agency Safety Culture Benchmarking Workshop - Sept 2018

Workshops are  part of the Hastam’s Safety Culture Benchmarking Partnership

Current partners include: Apetito, Anglian Water, British Red Cross, CWGC, Diageo, Environment Agency, Imperial College, Metropolitan Police, Mars, Total Produce, Welsh Water.

How it works: You can attend once as a guest for £199 per person and you can purchase up to two places per company. This allows you to experience the workshop element of the partnership and see if you find it helpful.  After attending as a guest, you need to decide if you want to sign up or not. The partnership includes two places per event and there are two events each year.  It is up to you how you make use of the places at the events.  You can send the same two people each time or you can send different members of the safety team or send senior management with a role in safety.

The consultancy is for members only – for each event / topic we will either do a benchmarking survey around the agreed topic and share the results among partners or we will choose two partner companies and do a short, clearly defined, piece of consultancy and the results of this work will be shared with all other partners.  The cost of the consultancy is included in the £1500 annual membership fee as everyone benefits from the results, even if they don’t take part in the consultancy.

If you require any more information please feel free to call +44 1509 410380 or email liz.shuttleworth@hastam.co.uk

Fascinating and diverse range of speakers and not too long!

Anna Chivers - Anglian Water Safety Culture Benchmarking Workshop

Very useful to get peer opinion and see other views and approaches

Gerry Mulholland - CentricaSafety Culture Benchmarking Workshop

Interesting and thought provoking although presentations were too short!

Christopher Jones - JCBSafety Culture Benchmarking Workshop

Collaborative, thought - provoking, reassuring, useful and something to build on.

James Royston - Environment Agency Safety Culture Benchmarking Workshop

Excellent day, outstanding and informative presentations. Provided and excellent opportunity to meet and discuss challenges with peers.

Nick Kettle - Met PoliceSafety Culture Benchmarking Workshop

Very helpful especially the discussion. Friendly and approachable facilities

Sarah Rudd - Rolls RoyceSafety Culture Benchmarking Workshop

A great opportunity to discuss and share safety culture learning. The variety of industry representatives were fantastic

Stefan Weger - NHSSafety Culture Benchmarking Workshop