This week  Philip Hammond announced his budget.  At this time of year many of you are busy planning your own budgets for next year, so we thought we’d give you a hand!

Of course it’s not the end of austerity in H&S.  So here are some suggestions that won’t break the bank. You may already have clear priorities for next year but have you considered whether Hastam can help you with both budgeting and delivery?  You might be surprised at the breadth of what we can do!

Here are five ways that we can help:

1. Help your leaders gain an understanding of their importance in influencing H&S within the business, and putting H&S high on the agenda

Hastam are now offering the NEBOSH one day certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence.  Click here for further details.

2. Upskill your H&S professionals, or those with H&S responsibilities in your organisation

Two very popular (and vitally important) Hastam courses are Incident Investigation and Interview Training.  We also offer an amalgam of the two: good interviewing is an essential key to determining root causes.  Near misses with potentially bad outcomes should be investigated with the same rigour as if someone had been badly hurt. Click for further details here Incident Investigation and Interview training.

3. Improve your H&S management system

ISO 45001 was released last year.  The focus is to ensure that OH&S becomes a key topic throughout the business, and the management system is fully integrated into the overall business – a much more pro-active approach to safety management.

From gap analysis to implementation support, we can help you ensure your implementation of ISO 45001 is user friendly, delivers efficient and effective risk controls and improves your safety culture and performance.  Click here for further details.

4. Simplify your processes whilst improving visibility and control within your business

Measuring compliance within your organisation helps you to understand what the issues are.  Once you understand them you can do something about them.  This is difficult if you are not able to turn compliance data into performance information that reveals trends, problems and opportunities.

For example, many organisations do audits but the information is kept in word documents or excel spreadsheets which fly around by email.  Time- consuming to produce, hard to keep track of, and unhelpful for data analysis.

If you don’t have a clear picture what is happening then you don’t have control of safety in your organisation.  You are not aware of the precursors of incidents that might easily be corrected and prevented before harm occurs.

Pro-Evaluate is a flexible software tool that can give you the visibility control and analysis you need.  It is flexible enough to provide support in many other areas such as HR, Training, Quality and Environment – so you might even share the cost with other departments.  You can read more about it here.

5. Refresh your safety culture improvement programme

Hastam can assist in several ways:

  • identifying specific barriers to improvement

You may have a limited budget and need to get ‘bangs for your buck’. We can either work with you to identify particular barriers to improvement or we can provide a range of solutions to address identified issues.  For example, supervisors – have they been trained in the soft skills required to have those difficult conversations? Having team leaders who are not seen as approachable can mean that critical safety issues are simply not dealt with. Read more about it here.

  • providing a practical way to achieve sustainable improvement

In September 2018 Hastam set up a benchmarking partnership working in conjunction with Loughborough University Business School.  This is a cross industry approach to benchmarking with a focus on safety culture.  We provide the forum for academics and business professionals to network and learn from each other, with a focus on a different topic every six months.  During the consultancy stage we bring to light relevant best practice that has been identified and then share with the other partners at the partnership events.  This provides a constant stream of new ideas for improving safety within the partner’s organisation.

  • providing a programme from initial benchmarking through to sustained improvement

Hastam can provide whole programmes to assist in changing the safety culture of an organisation. However, we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  To save companies wasting time and money we can focus limited resources where they will have the most impact and you have a programme that is built to address your needs but doesn’t cost you a fortune!

Do you have a H&S issue not covered above?  Pick up the phone and give us a call. We have a whole range of solutions not mentioned here!

We understand how difficult it is to manage tight budgets and still improve on last year’s performance.

With our knowledge and experience we will be able to identify quickly cost-effective solutions that don’t break the bank! Ask our many satisfied customers!

Give us a call on 01509 410380 today.

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