Steve Fletcher is the newest member of the Hastam team, he has in excess of 35 years experience in Leadership and Management, Change Management and Development, Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) Consultancy and Training, initially in operational and strategic roles and specialising in training and consulting during the last 17 years.

As part of our meet the Expert series Steve Fletcher agreed to sit and answer some questions:

Where do you fit into the Hastam team?

Among the considerable array of extremely experienced and professional consultants within the Hastam team I see myself fitting in a number of areas, firstly as a Construction specialist, both as a consultant and trainer, and secondly, because of my first hand experience across various other industries, as a support mechanism to assist as and when required, I have a very much can do and will do approach to all that I do.

 Who has been your biggest influencer?

My mum and dad, they have instilled in me my work ethic, passion for life, never giving up, while also highlighting the importance of caring and looking after people, so I consider being a Health and Safety professional as a perfect role for myself based on those traits.

What is the most memorable piece of work you have ever been involved in?

In all honesty, all of them, simply because when you are working and advising people, no matter where in the world, seeing their change in behaviours and embracing what they are being shown, advised etc is priceless. I may well write future blogs in  more detail that highlight some of these, be it Russia, Iraq, Canada, The Balmoral Estate, Wembley Stadium, Crossrail and many of the major airports in the UK to name but a few.

What is the one piece of advice that has stuck with you through your career?

This is an easy one for me to answer, my dad told me to never give up and volunteer for everything, I’ve tried to do just that and had an amazing life to date, with the intention to achieve much more besides.

 Is there anything that you have changed your opinion on over the years, relating to Health and Safety?

I wouldn’t say so much changed my mind, more of a realisation that Health and Safety is so much easier to promote when you have can educate the workforce to embrace the fact that you are doing your utmost to help keep them safe and healthy, not just today but so that they will be able to enjoy their future lives without being affected by what they are doing now.

Summarise what you have learnt during your time in Health and Safety.

In simple terms, I have learnt more than I could ever imagined about people, through the Health and Safety training and consultancy I have been involved with for many years, why they do some of the things they do, or don’t do, and the key ingredient from a Health and Safety perspective being peoples behaviours, most of which are excellent.

Anything else you would like to add?

Just to highlight that as a Health and Safety Consultant I see every day as a new journey, always learning something new and taking the positives from each and every situation that I can then share with other people that I meet.


Steve has also recently written a Mental Health Awareness course. A  one day course is an introduction to mental health to raise awareness of it’s importance in the workplace. This course is suitable for all HR staff, health and safety advisors, managers, supervisors and employees who wish to understand more about mental health conditions so that employees can be better supported and positive mental health can be encouraged in the workplace.

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