Yesterday saw another exciting development for Hastam  as we ran our first NEBOSH Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence course!

As we announced in August, we are delighted that Hastam has become one of the first consultancies to be approved to deliver this new safety course.

NEBOSH and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) developed the course together to assist business leaders, union representatives, health and safety directors and managers.  It draws on the Health and Safety Laboratory’s research into safety leadership and culture.

The course’s focus is the HSE’s five critical leadership values:

  • Building and promoting a shared H&S vision
  • Being considerate and responsive
  • Providing support and recognition
  • Promoting fairness and trust in relationships with others
  • Encouraging improvement, innovation and learning

The course was run by Hastam’s Technical Director, Steve Highley and was deemed successful by all who took part, as each attendee confirmed they would recommend this course to others.  Yesterday’s course was run for a manufacturing industry client, whose attendees had the following to say about the day:

“Very detailed, comprehensive programme. Well delivered by Steve given the volume of content. Required the full engagement of participants to complete in 8 hours. A good refreshed programme for both established and new leaders.

“Good course and very informative and interesting. Although very busy and compact.  I found the behavioural leadership and foundations of leadership the most useful.”

“Informative and thought provoking. The principles of leadership was very useful, I would recommend the course.”

“The theory was backed up by live cases with professional presentations.”

“A tight connection with actual leadership methods made it refreshingly interesting and positive.”

“Comprehensive – clear and resolute focus on leadership. Would have preferred slightly more focus leadership styles and their success. Comprehensive folder, good reference point. Steve’s knowledge on a personal level helped to stay engaged.”

 This course can be ran as an internal or open course.  For more information contact us. Please note we will shortly be releasing 2019 dates for open courses.

Full details of the course can be found in the syllabus guide and course assessment guide.


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