Richard Booth

Professor Richard Booth

Director and Consultant

Richard leads Hastam’s expert witness services, and provides consultancy and training. All draw on his unique combination of science, engineering, pragmatism and seemingly endless sources of health and safety anecdotes. After learning how things break at the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) he joined Aston University in 1972 as a Health and Safety Lecturer. He became department Chair in 1978, was the founding Chairman of NEBOSHH in 1979 and helped found Hastam in 1984. Richard was elected Professor Emeritus in 2007 and continues to lecture in materials science. Richard still tours Europe by motorbike every summer.

Tony Boyle

Doctor Tony Boyle

Director, Consultant and Trainer

Tony leads Hastam’s consulting services and is a leading member of the expert witness team. He specialises in the effective and efficient implementation of health and safety management standards and legal requirements, underpinned by his knowledge of psychology, incisive skills as a systems analyst and research in accident causation. Tony is the inspiration behind many of Hastam’s health and safety management training courses. He help found Hastam, was the originator of CHASE and is author of the NEBOSHH Diploma textbook, Health and Safety: Risk Management. From his enormous plots, Tony supplies his neighbours with a diverse variety of vegetables.

Andrew Hale

Professor Andrew Hale

Director and Consultant

Andrew leads Hastam’s research and development services and provides advice and academic rigour for all of Hastam’s activities. His early career as a human factors innovator lead to the Hale and Hale model which remains part of the NEBOSH syllabus. Following a period as human factors lecturer at Aston University and after helping found Hastam, he moved to Deft University in 1984, becoming one of Europe’s leading Health and Safety researchers. He is co-author of 6 books, has over 350 other publications to his name and was for 20 years the editor of ‘Safety Science’. Andrew is a multi-lingual global traveller.

Steve Highley

Steve Highley

Technical Director, Consultant and Trainer

Steve oversees the development and delivery of Hastam’s consultancy and training services. With a background of achieving great safety performance in high hazard chemical production management, Steve specialises in using process safety principles and human factors best practices to develop and strengthen all aspects of health and safety risk control, management and leadership. Steve integrates what needs to be done to apply behavioural science and build a great safety culture into all of his activities.

Liz Shuttleworth

Liz Shuttleworth

Managing Director

As recently appointed Managing Director, Liz is holder of Hastam’s most difficult job, leading our team of independent minded consultants and trainers. She brings to this challenge experience of managing multi-disciplinary teams in a large corporate setting and as Managing Director for a charity. Liz also manages our sales and marketing team, and our partnership with Evolve for the development of Pro-Evaluate, the new version of Hastam’s CHASE monitoring and auditing software.

Doctor Mark Cooper

Director, Consultant and Expert Witness

Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Chartered Environmentalist. Doctor Cooper was a lecturer in Occupational Health and Safety at Aston University. For twelve years he was the Programme Director of MSc in Risk Management and Safety Technology offering training and examining new recruits to HM Factory Inspectorate.

Doctor Luise Vassie

Consultant and Trainer

Luise has a proven track record of delivering sustainable business improvements in health and safety risk management across a range of sectors. This draws on her extensive professional experience in research, teaching and consultancy, initially for the Loughborough University Health and Safety unit, then as MSc/Post Graduate course director for Leicester University, and most recently as IOSH policy and research director. She has been associated with Hastam since 2015.

David Wenham

Doctor David Wenham

Consultant and Expert Witness

David’s main interests and consultancy work are occupational health and safety law, risk assessment techniques, safety management and safety culture/climate. After several years as an HSE Inspector, David was appointed a lecturer at Loughborough University in 1990. He is now Director of the Postgraduate Programme in Occupational Health and Safety Management at Loughborough. David has worked with Hastam as a consultant and Expert Witness since 2014.

Steve Fletcher

Consultant and Trainer

Steve Fletcher has in excess of 35 years experience in Leadership and Management, Change Management and Development, Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) Consultancy and Training, initially in operational and strategic roles and specialising in training and consulting during the last 17 years.

Paul Haxell


Paul enjoyed a successful career in the Civil Engineering sector of the UK Construction Industry before focusing his attention into the Health Safety and Environment domain of UK business.
His blend of practical experience and business knowledge in combination with the technical excellence in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality have provided Paul with the platform to consistently challenge and improve business performance

Helen Conlin


Helen Conlin has over twenty four years’ experience in industry and consultancy with extensive experience in supporting high technology, high and medium hazard operations. Covering technical, human and organisational factors. She specialises in optimising the combined performance of people, technology and processes to deliver improved Safety, Health, Environment and Quality performance within critical activities and systems.

Andy Gordon

Consultant and Trainer

Andy Gordon is an experienced leadership consultant and performance coach with a highly accomplished, 28 year background of senior leadership and management roles in the manufacturing industry. More recently, as a transformational safety leadership consultant, Andy has experience of a wide variety of industries (Oil & Gas, Construction, Offshore Installation, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Defence) and cultures (including Western, Eastern and Southern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia)

Alan Brandwood


Alan is a consultant with a proven track record in change management, organisational transformation and culture change in complex, multibillion pound organisations in the high hazard, highly regulated industries. He has over 20 years experience with several companies at board level, holding both executive and non-executive positions. In addition, he has been a member of several board sub committees and a trustee of the Electricity Supply Pension Scheme.

Nigel Brace

Consultant and Trainer

Nigel brings over 35 years experience as a safety practitioner to his consultancy and training services. Following an early career in chemical engineering, Nigel spent 13 years with the HSE as a Field Inspector and then as a Specialist Chemicals Inspector. He later became Safety Manager at British Nuclear Fuels. He has worked as a consultant and trainer since 1989 and has been associated with HASTAM since 2012.

Paul Mahoney

Motivational Speaker

In November 2000 Paul was working as a Process Operator at a Recycled Fibre Plant in Kent. He was involved in a life threatening accident which resulted in his left arm being severed above the elbow. Paul uses the powerful and emotional story of his life changing incident and the impact it had to inspire his listeners to take personal responsibility for safety and to get fully engaged with improving safety in their organisation.

Clint Devine

Consultant and Trainer

Clint specialises in experiential health and safety learning and development, and competence management systems. This draws on his experience as an engineer in process control and instrumentation at a UK oil refinery and later as a trainer and manager of engineering apprentices. After playing a leading role in a successful global leadership development programme, he joined Cogent as a development manager for process safety training. He has been associated with Hastam since 2015.