Alan is a consultant with a proven track record in change management, organisational transformation and culture change in complex, multibillion pound organisations in the high hazard, highly regulated industries.

He has over 20 years experience with several companies at board level, holding both executive and non-executive positions. In addition, he has been a member of several board sub committees and a trustee of the Electricity Supply Pension Scheme.

His skills, experience and competencies have been developed over 40 years, during which time he has developed high levels of expertise in the following fields: operational, HR, assurance (health, safety, environmental, security and quality), project management, change management, organisational transformation and executive / board roles across the UK. Alan has worked closely with government and the regulators and he chaired several committees which spanned the UK nuclear industry, government and regulators working co-operatively on strategic issues facing the industry (eg. the UK response to Fukushima).

Such experience has developed his soft skills (such as influencing skills) and resulted in a large network of contacts.

His achievements and approach have earned him the respect and trust of the industry, government and regulators.

Working with executive and operational colleagues Alan led the development and implementation of assurance strategies for several companies which resulted in the transformation of performance and many high profile third party awards (including Europe’s most prestigious assurance award for two different companies – The Sir George Earle Trophy). As a practiced board member he has considerable experience of corporate governance and risk management. In addition, he has contributed to the development of several companies’ business strategies and associated business plans, including leading the strategic planning process, delivering the key elements of business plans and being the executive sponsor for major projects

Alan’s key expertise are

  1. Supporting boards , executives and senior managers with the development of their organisations culture
  2. Supporting organisations with their organisational transformation particularly in highly regulated industries
  3. Supporting organisations in the development of strategies and associated integrated improvement programmes –  particularly  in the fields of health, safety, environmental, security and HR
  4. Developing bespoke solutions as requested (such as a regulatory engagement strategy and plan )

Support can take many forms such as:

  • organising and delivering workshops
  • conducting reviews, identifying best / good practice, identifying areas for improvement and  providing recommendations
  • working with groups and / or individuals

The key to the support provided is to be flexible and  to tailor the approach to the particular issue and an organisations needs.

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Alan Brandwood


Fellow of the Institute of Directors,Member of the Nuclear Institute,Chartered Radiation Protection Professional, MSc,BSc