Health and Safety Expert Witness

Over the past decade a number of Hastam directors have acted as expert witnesses in health and safety, leading investigations, preparing reports and delivering evidence in a number of high profile cases; for example, the blast furnace explosion at the Port Talbot steel plant, the Buncefield oil storage depot explosion and the Potters Bar Rail crash. They have acted, in different cases, for both the defence and prosecution, and also for both parties in civil proceedings.

Health and Safety Training and Mentoring

Developing competence in health and safety is a critical success factor in preventing harm.  Hastam offers a wide-range of training courses that can support development of individual and organisational competence in health and safety management and risk control as well as the transformation to a sustainable active safety culture. All Hastam’s courses support implementation of relevant good practice and conformity to OHS management standards.

Health and Safety Consultancy

The outstanding expertise and experience of our directors and consultants makes us ideal partners for whatever health and safety management challenges you are facing. We can provide the knowledge, guidance and support you need to improve your policy, procedures, practices and performance. You will find our advice clear and solutions straightforward, simple but not simplistic. With our input your management system will be robust and provide you with high levels of protection.

Safety Culture Change

Great safety performance needs a forward thinking learning culture where everyone is engaged with improving safety.  It is sustained by leaders at all levels paying active and positive attention to all aspects of health and safety. Going beyond conventional behaviour-based safety, Hastam can help you implement and sustain positive safety culture change.

Evaluation and Audit Software

Pro-Evaluate (formerly CHASE) is a flexible, cost-effective software solution for managing audits, inspections, compliance and competence assessments, employee perception surveys and tracking improvement actions and works right across your business. It is currently being expanded to include incident reporting and risk assessment services too.

Legal Register Service

Every organisation needs to comply fully with all relevant H&S legislation. The penalties for not doing so can be severe. So how do you know that you are compliant? The solution is to have a procedure that ensures compliance with legislation is being managed effectively.  Our legal register service can give you full assurance and help you sleep at night.

Health and Safety Research and Development

Hastam prides itself in being at the forefront internationally of research and development in safety and health. The company’s consulting has been fed by the results of academic research and teaching both at Aston University (Professor Richard Booth), and the Safety Science Group at Delft University in the Netherlands (Professor Andrew Hale). This cross-fertilisation of the results of academic study with the practical field-experience of other Hastam directors and associates has been vital in shaping Hastam over the years.

Environmental Awareness For Engineers and Designers Course

This course aims to provide an appreciation of environmental issues, key legislation, systems of work and control measures that are relevant to planning and delivering engineering projects and in maintaining plant, equipment and systems. It is designed for people in client and contractor organisations to enable them to understand how environmental issues may influence the design and delivery of engineering projects in a manufacturing environment.