Over the past decade a number of Hastam directors have acted as expert witnesses in health and safety, leading investigations, preparing reports and delivering evidence in a number of high profile cases; for example, the blast furnace explosion at the Port Talbot steel plant, the Buncefield oil storage depot explosion and the Potters Bar Rail crash. They have acted, in different cases, for both the defence and prosecution, and also for both parties in civil proceedings.

Some Health and Safety Expert Witness Cases

Our Top Health and Safety Expert Witnesses

The team has in-depth knowledge of health and safety regulation, legislation and safety management systems in a broad range of industries including manufacturing, construction, chemical, steel, transport and public services.

We have conducted investigations and provided expert witness reports for a wide range of incidents including those involving machinery, lifting equipment, falls, drowning, back injuries and explosions.

With access to a wide range of experts, a robust protocol and peer-review we can assist in most cases, providing a high quality, accessible report and a highly credible witness, should the case come to trial.

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Hindsight Bias and the Buncefield Explosion

Professor Richard Booth has written on the importance of Hindsight Bias in a contentious, albeit personal, account of its effects on the investigation of the Buncefield explosion. Richard’s analysis is underpinned by a study of research literature which takes the story in unexpected directions.


Hindsight bias download