Great safety performance needs a forward thinking learning culture where everyone is engaged with improving safety.  It is sustained by leaders at all levels paying active and positive attention to all aspects of health and safety. Going beyond conventional behaviour-based safety, Hastam can help you implement and sustain positive safety culture change.

Hastam’s Approach to Safety Culture Change

Our aim is to help your transform your safety culture into one where continual performance improvement becomes self-sustaining.  We want to help you achieve a safety culture where the most effective, efficient and reliable safe working practices are integrated into the work needed to achieve all of your organisation’s objectives.

Combining practical experience with the best safety science, Hastam’s team of consultants with experience in a wide range of industries can help you:

Plan for Safety Culture Transformation

Consultancy and development workshops to:

Create a positive ‘concrete’ vision for your safety culture.
Concrete means you can clearly describe what your vision means in practice for any job role and team.

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your safety culture.
It is important but not enough to just evaluate your safety culture as a whole.  Successful transformation requires that you understand how effectively leaders at every level use the leadership levers that influence your organisation’s culture.

Identify and remove credibility factors and barriers to transformation.
These are typically aspects of risk control and safety management that create regular frustration.  They can prevent successful and sustained culture change.  Acknowledging and tackling them demonstrates leaders’ commitment to change.

Plan processes for positive engagement of individuals and teams with safety.
Use and enhance existing, or plan new, forums for people at every level to be positively and constructively engaged with improving safety in their area of responsibility.  Ensure line accountability for improving safety is strengthened and where practicable use natural work teams for safety problem solving to maximise commitment to agreed solutions.

Choose the right approach to behaviour-based safety (BBS) for your organisation.
There is no one size fits all for BBS and some organisations may not be ready to use BBS.  To ensure success the BBS approach used to support safety culture transformation must match how your organisation works and your current level of safety culture maturity.

Create your transformation plan with smart objectives and milestones.
Ideally there should be an overall plan for your organisation that provides a framework for more specific implementation plans for all work team roles in the transformation process.


Transform Your Safety Culture

Know-how and implementation workshops
The emphasis of these workshops are on the knowledge and processes needed to achieve positive change in your safety culture.  Workshops include:

Motivational workshops for everyone
These events are designed to strengthen commitment to getting safety right.  They will help build momentum for creating a positive safety culture where everyone is engaged in getting their safety responsibilities right and working as individuals and teams to improve performance.  Workshops include:

  • Directing, Leading, Working and Behaving Safely (DaBS, LaBS and WaBs) A suit of workshops that confront participants with the cost of getting safety wrong and challenge everyone to play their role into getting safety right
  • Taking Safety Seriously A case study based improvement workshop for all team leaders.

Practical implementation support

In additional to training and motivation events, Hastam can provide you with as much or little practical implementation support as you need.  This may include:

  • Support and advice for culture change champions and steering teams
  • Safety leadership coaching and mentoring for key individuals and teams
  • Implementation of behavioural observation, recording, analysis and feedback process
  • Safety problem solving, using applied behavioural analysis techniques where appropriate
  • Hastam’s safety management skills development courses may also be helpful
  • Communication and celebration of success

Core Principles – Sustainable Active Safety

Sustainable Active Safety is Hastam’s framework for integrating safety science into effective risk control, safety management and safety leadership practices.  This framework helps with the planning process such as evaluating your existing strengths and weaknesses, identifying credibility factors and assessing training needs.

For further information, the SAS framework is explained here.

Active Safety Leadership transformational active leadership skills combined with understanding the organisational causes of failure and success.

Intelligent Safety Management Systems  implementing effective & efficient best practices in safety management with user-friendly schedule based documentation.

Human Factors Integration to ensure your systems, procedures and working practices allow for human performance limits and thinking biases, and are error proofed whenever practicable.

Real Life Hazard Awareness using personal testimony and accident cases to create ‘constructive anxiety’ and make real the need for sustained attention on ‘safety delivery’ activities by everyone.

Robust Reliable Risk Control based on thorough risk assessment and the hierarchy of control, effectively implemented and maintained.

Everybody Everyday Safe by Choice with the time, equipment and resources needed readily available, and the mutual support of team members and managers.

Safety Skills Development using active learning focused on what people are required to do, evaluated by application to real life scenarios.

Positive Response to Failure with forward thinking accountability for improvement, based on thorough investigation of the root causes of human failures.