Who is the Developing Health and Safety Performance Indicators course aimed at?

This one day course is designed for safety directors, managers and advisors who want to improve the quality of the safety performance information used in their organisation so that they can accurately and reliably:

  • Assess their current level of safety performance using well-designed lagging and leading performance indicators.
  • Evaluate the impact of safety improvement projects.

What does the course aim to achieve?

The course aims to provide attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • plan a monitoring procedure for their organisation
  • use the data from monitoring
  • plan procedures for the measurement of leading and lagging indicators of health and safety performance
  • analyse and evaluate health and safety performance data in ways that add value
  • meet the requirements of the ISO 45001 clause 1 Monitoring, measurement, analysis and performance evaluation

What will you learn about?

The main topics are:

  • ISO 45001 requirements overview
  • Health and safety performance monitoring
  • Combining monitoring and measurement activities
  • Analysis and evaluation of accident, incident and near miss data
  • Improving lagging performance indicators
  • Data for leading performance indicators
  • Analysis and evaluation of leading indicator data
  • Improving leading performance indicators

 Course length?

1 day

How many people on a course?

A maximum of 12 people

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