Achieving a safe working environment and culture for the whole organisation.

Who is the Directing and Behaving Safely course aimed at?

Directors of the business can have such an enormous influence over the safety, health and behavioural principles, as their leadership is essential to motivating and sustaining a safe culture for all personnel.

What does the course aim to achieve?

The Directing and Behaving Safely Programme is interactive and designed to examine the fundamental issues regarding directing safety based on IND (G) 417.

What will you learn about?

The principles of directing safety leadership, your non-verbal and verbal contribution, being the change you want to see, communicating the safety strategy.

Course length?

Up to 3 hours.

How many people on a course?

A maximum of 10 directors.

Typical Directing and Behaving Safely Course Outline

  1. Why direct safety?
  2. Directing a full strategy for safety based on (IoD) INDG 417
  3. What do your daily verbal and non verbal messages say
  4. The use of Influencing skills – walk the talk
  5. Being the change we want to see
  6. Traits of Trust
  7. Communicating your strategy
  8. The power of listening
  9. Relationship to Leading and Behaving Safely (LaBS) and Working and Behaving Safely (WaBS)

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A review of the company’s safety strategy for moving safety forward

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