A workshop for all employees to support sustained improvement in safety performance. This practical workshop draws on all of the fields of psychology relevant to working as individuals and teams to get safety right.

Who is the Getting Safety Right workshop aimed at?

This workshop for all employees can be used in a variety of ways including as:

  • Part of a programme to improve safe behaviour, change safety culture and improve safety performance. The improvement programme can be yours or designed with our support
  • An introduction to safe behaviour and minimising human error within your induction training programme for new employees
  • A refresher workshop for organisations that have carried out a behaviour based safety programme in the past and now wish to strengthen employees’ understanding of safe behaviour

What does the workshop aim to achieve?

  • Understanding of how we perceive danger and the factors that influence safe behaviour
  • Using this understanding to take personal responsibility for individual safe behaviour and positively influencing the safe behaviour of others
  • Understanding of human fallibilities and how they create predictable forms of human failure
  • Using this understanding to become more self-aware of personal vulnerabilities and what to do to manage them, and take responsibility for working as teams to prevent human fallibilities from leading to harm
  • Confidence to positively influence workplace safety through safety conversations and taking constructive action when safety problems are identified

What is involved in the workshop?

The workshop can be tailored to meet your organisation’s requirements but a typical workshop will include:

  • A practical introduction to the behavioural, cognitive and social psychology influences on safe behaviour and how they influence risk awareness i.e. hazards and what can go wrong, behavioural choices and competence development
  • How to positively influence safe behaviour including willingness to intervene to address safety problems
  • Human fallibilities e.g. limits of attention, fatigue, etc., and how they result in predictable forms of human failure
  • How to be self-aware of human fallibilities in yourself and others and critical individual and team behaviours needed to improve safety behaviour and performance
  • Application to real life workplace safety problems selected for relevance to your organisation
  • How to use your safety management system to report problems and get improvement actions done
  • How to conduct an effective and positive safety conversation about safe and unsafe behaviours that challenge unsafe behaviour and reinforce safe behaviour
  • A call to action

Course length?

1 day

How many people on a course?

8 to 10 people with one trainer. Up to 20 people with two trainers.

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