Hastam’s Master Class workshops will help you improve your skills in the continual improvement of health and safety performance. They are focused on collaborative improvement of health and safety risk control, management and leadership.

Who are the Continual Improvement Master Classes aimed at?

Health and safety teams, and all managers, who want to critically review and improve how they lead and manage health and safety.

What do the Continual Improvement Master Classes aim to achieve?

Available for all key elements of effective health and safety management, use Hastam’s Continual Improvement Master Classes to take you to a higher level of understanding and performance. Drawing on Hastam’s in depth industrial experience, expert witness cases and safety science, these workshops will help you critically evaluate and improve your safety management system and risk control practices.

Great for CPD, these workshops can be run internally to support continual improvement of your systems and procedures, or externally as a facilitated benchmarking workshop for sharing ideas and experience with your peers in other organisations.

The range of topics includes:

  • Controlling the risks of specific hazards
  • Procedures such as managing legal compliance, risk assessment, training and competence, learning from incidents, and health and safety assurance
  • Improving your whole health and safety management system

What is involved in a Master Class?

Continual Improvement Master Classes can be tailored to meet your organisation’s requirements but a typical workshop process can include:

  • Input on relevant best practices for the Master Class topic, drawing lessons from Hastam expert witness cases and success factors revealed by safety science
  • How to:
    • Critically and constructively analyse the strengths and weaknesses of existing arrangements and evaluate existing performance
    • Understand the individual, team and organisational factors that are influencing performance
    • Use ‘zero based design’ and process mapping approaches to identify ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your arrangements, systems and procedures for the topic
    • Develop improvement objectives and plans
    • Develop individual, team and organisational competence in the topic
    • Verify that improvement actions are resulting in improved performance
  • The value of a Continual Improvement Master Class can be increased by including an independent review of your documentation and records related to the Master Class topic by Hastam as a ‘critical friend’. Workplace visits can be part of this process where necessary and beneficial.

Workshop length?

Typically 1 or 2 days.

Workshops involving 2 or more days or a sequence of 1 day workshops can be provided when this is the optimum way to meet the agreed learning and improvement objectives.

How many people on a workshop?

Up to 12 people

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