Accident, near miss and nonconformity investigation training programme. Learn simple techniques that can be used for straightforward and complex investigations. Understand the critical importance of discovering the whole story of what happened and the need to pursue all reasonable lines of enquiry. Ensure recommendations have real preventive value.

Who is the Incident Investigation course aimed at?

The course is for those who want to improve the quality of their investigations of accidents, near misses and nonconformities.

What does the course aim to achieve?

The course aims to impart the skills necessary to collect and analyse the information needed to generate recommendations that are effective and efficient.

What will you learn about?

The main topics are:

  • Data collection methods
  • Data collation using Events and Causal Factors analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Creating ideas for recommendations
  • Evaluating recommendations
  • Improving in-house investigation

What is involved in the training?

The training can be tailored to meet your organisation’s requirements but a typical course will include:

  • Briefings on the topics listed above
  • Briefings on agreed additional topics, for example, the role of human error in accidents and in-house incident procedures
  • Practical exercises on ECFA (case study and in-house incidents)
  • Practical analysis of information
  • Practical exercise on generating and evaluating recommendations

Course length?

1 or 2 days depending on the range of briefings and number of practical exercises required.

How many people on an Incident Investigation course?

A maximum of 12 people

Typical Course Outline

  • Data Collection
    • Discussion of observation
    • Interviewing, checking records
    • Reviewing documentation
  • Human factors (optional)
    • The role of human error in causing incidents and the types of error people make
  • Data collation
    • Briefing and practical exercises using ECFA
  • Data analysis
    • Practical exercise on identifying gaps in available information and intervention points for recommendations
  • Making recommendations
    • Practical exercises on creatively generating ideas for recommendation and evaluating their likely efficiency and cost-benefit
  • Improving in-house investigation
    • Briefing on methods of improving in-house investigation including revising accident and incident reporting procedures and introducing nonconformity procedures

Related Services

  • Review of in-house documentation and the provision of suggestions for improvement
  • Mentoring in writing documentation (one-to-one or small groups)

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The incident investigation training was most informative and certainly a thought provoking experience in that it takes a completely fresh look at the technique of evaluating evidence and making useful recommendations. It took current practices of investigation and evaluation of evidence and highlighted their deficiencies and taught us how to apply a more logical and rigorous analysis. I will certainly be putting into practice what I have learned and think it will be of benefit to all parties concerned with the aim of having meaningful recommendations that when applied will indeed prevent recurrences of similar incidents.

Alison HartlandInterserve

Excellent course – able take parts from it and use immediately to make improvements. Gets across the importance of organising information and not jumping to conclusions. Tony has vast experience and brings the subject to life

Ian BeattyHexion UK Ltd

An excellent course giving a clear, practical and step-by-step method for collating incident data and producing effective recommendations. The method is underpinned by sound human factors principles and the workshops ensure delegates gain a firm understanding that can be carried through to their workplaces. As a tutor Tony is knowledgeable, approachable and dynamic. Highly recommended.

Michelle GriffinTT Electronics

I found the course to be of the highest standard through out. I enjoyed the class room base theory plenty of good ideas and practices I want to try out.

Graham WatsonCancer Research Technology

Engaging, interesting and well delivered. Clear and coherent class and thoroughly enjoyable. Would recommend totally.