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Who is the NEBOSH Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence aimed at?

This new NEBOSH qualification is ideal for directors and senior executives, and will benefit anyone who aspires to become a senior leader of the future.  Developed jointly by NEBOSH and the HSE, the course is designed to support leaders who want to make a difference and create an organisational culture where health and safety are valued as integral to achieving business and personal success.  The leadership principles covered on the course will also support effective leadership in all areas of business performance.

The course is ideal health and safety leadership training for organisations working towards ISO 45001 certification.  This new health and safety management systems standard places leadership at the centre of the Plan-Do-Check-Act continual improvement cycle.

This course can also be used for health and safety leadership refresher training that will provide new insights for organisations that have previously used alternative safety for senior executives courses.

You can read a review of a course ran here.

What does the course aim to achieve?

The course aims to enable attendees to:

  • Positively influence health and safety performance and culture in their organisation
  • Apply the Health and Safety Executive’s model for effective health and safety leadership
  • Reflect on their own health and safety leadership style and what can influence their decision making and subsequent behaviours
  • Understand the link between effective health and safety leadership and achieving a resilient cultural of health and safety excellence

Employers will gain:

  • Leadership that reflects HSE’s model for effective health and safety leadership
  • Health and safety will be integrated into business decisions
  • Leaders who recognise how their own behaviours contribute to creating a resilient culture of health and safety excellence

What will you learn about?

The course explores how to put into practice HSE’s model for effective health and safety leadership.  This comprises the key health and safety leadership values of:

  1. Building and promoting a shared health and safety vision
  2. Being considerate and responsive
  3. Providing support and recognition
  4. Promoting fairness and trust in relationships with others
  5. Encouraging improvement, innovation and learning

support by

  1. Involvement/communication
  2. Effective role modelling

The course also provides important underpinning knowledge including:

  • The business benefits of health and safety leadership including the moral, legal and financial arguments for good health and safety performance
  • The effects of good health and safety leadership of safety culture
  • Human failures
  • The HSE’s ‘Make it happen’ model
  • Decision making processes including mental short cuts and perception biases
  • Leadership styles
  • Building relationships with the workforce

The assessment process requires attendees to reflect on how they currently fulfil the five health and safety leadership values and identify personal ‘SMARTS’ improvement actions.  (SMARTS = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Trackable and Sustainable)

Course length?

1 day

How many people on the course?

Up to 10

Related Courses

For aspiring health and safety leaders, this course can be combined with Hastam’s Active Safety Management course to provide deeper supplementary knowledge of good practice in health and safety risk management.