A workshop that uses case studies based on Hastam’s expert witness experience to challenge supervisors, managers and leaders about the practice of effective health and safety management. Case studies are chosen to best fit the risk profile of your organisation.

Who is the Taking Safety Seriously course aimed at?

This is an interactive course for all managers and supervisors who have responsibility for:

  • The health and safety of others
  • The safe operation of plant, equipment and processes

It can be run for managers and the team of individuals reporting to them, or mixed groups of supervisors and managers from different parts of your organisation.

What does the course aim to achieve?

The course uses case studies drawn from Hastam’s expert witness work to confront attendees with the causes and the personal and organisational consequences of ineffective health and safety management. Attendees are challenged to:

  • Understand the specific role and influence they have on safety performance in their organisation
  • Identify the actions they need to take to positively contribute to resilient control of risks and improving safety performance
  • Recognise that their position in the organisation requires that they must chose to Take Safety Seriously

What will you learn about?

You will learn:

  • That in the chains of events that lead to incidents of all kinds, whatever their consequences, there were multiple opportunities for action to be taken that might have prevented them
  • The majority of these preventive opportunities are the responsibility of individuals in management and supervisory roles
  • How to identify and use the preventive opportunities at all stages of safety management, risk assessment and risk control
  • What you need to do to keep your ‘finger on the pulse’ of how safety is working in your organisation and what you need to do when you identify weaknesses
  • How to use the stories of case studies as powerful learning experiences for improving safety management

What is involved in the training?

This course can be tailored to fit the requirements of your organisation by the selection of appropriate case studies and emphasising the lessons that are most relevant to your managers and supervisors. The standard course uses cases derived from Hastam’s expert witness work. These include the blast furnace explosion at Port Talbot, the petrol vapour cloud explosion at Buncefield and fatal accident cases from a variety of industrial and business sectors.

We are also happy to use cases from your own organisation if you wish and where possible.

The course includes:

  • Identification of the essential elements of resilient safety management
  • The causes, consequences and practical lessons of the selected safety case studies
  • Investigation of the current status and effectiveness of safety management in your organisation
  • Identification of what Taking Safety Seriously every day means in practice for the attendees leading to a personal action plan

Course length?

1 day

How many people on a course?

8 to 12 people

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