Improving safety starts with understanding what people really do. What are their personal work goals, the resources available to them and the constraints they experience? And how do these impact safety? This workshop covers the critical investigation skill of adult to adult safety conversations.

Who is the course aimed at?

This is an interactive practical skills course for all managers and supervisors who want to learn how to constructively engage with individuals and small groups about safety matters.

What does the course aim to achieve?

The course goes beyond the usual behavioural safety concept of observation and feedback. It focuses on creating constructive two-way dialogue that leads to mutual trust and understanding, strengthened awareness of and commitment to safety, and specific improvement actions where needed.

The course provides a practical approach to engagement and behavioural safety that can be applied to:

  • Personal safety that is easily observable
  • The complex challenges of major hazard risk management and control

What will you learn about?

You will learn:

  • Why managers’ attempts to engage with their employees about safety matters are commonly characterised by tension, defensiveness and argument
  • The strengths and weaknesses of your natural style of communication
  • How to engage with employees in a way that creates rapport, encourages openness, and fosters willingness to change
  • How to build constructive working relationships that achieve commitment to safety, decisions based on facts and effective improvement action

What is involved in the training?

The course includes:

  • The psychological causes of the tension, defensiveness and argument often encountered when managers attempt to engage with employees about safety matters
  • Observation and feedback on each individual’s personal style of communication about safety
  • Practise and coaching to improve safety conversation skills that will create more positive interactions about safety
  • Identification of a personal action plan for each attendee

Course length?

1 day

The benefits of course can be strengthened with a follow-up day involving observation, coaching and mentoring of each attendee in their normal workplace.

This course can be combined with Hastam’s Interviewing Skills course to create an in-depth 2 day training event focused on the critical interpersonal skills needed for resilient safety management.

How many people on a course?

4 to 6 people

Related Course

I would recommend this course 100%. The course was thoroughly enjoyable and very informative. I particularly found the training on techniques in coaching and facial patterns useful, there was nothing taught which I did not feel would have a positive impact going forwards.

Richard ChalmersTaken from a course ran at Mount Anvil

A great interactive course, I felt the delivery of the course was easy to understand. The most useful part of the course for me was how to understand a person and their thinking and also taking the time to listen is a power attribute. I would definitely recommend this course as its worthwhile and educational.

Brett FTaken from a course ran at Mount Anvil

A thought provoking course, most excellent and interesting. It held my attention avidly all day, the training on eye and body language was the most useful. I would absolutely recommend the course.

Nick GardnerTaken from a course ran at Mount Anvil

Brilliant! One of the best course I have ever attended. I would very much recommend this course to others. The training eye reading I found very useful.

Fraser WilsonTaken from a course ran at Mount Anvil

I would most definitely recommend this course, it was extremely interesting, very, very well done. The best course we have ever ran and Dan was superb. Everything we learnt was useful and thought provoking.

Michelle RiceTaken from a course ran at Mount Anvil