Organisations where staff work and behave in safe ways have fewer lost-time accidents and associated costs. Confronting attendees with the reality of experiencing a severe injury, this workshop challenges all employees to support safety and work safely by choice every day.

Who is the Working and Behaving Safely course aimed at?

The course is an interactive programme aimed at all employees and provides an excellent grounding in understanding the huge importance of behavioural issues and their effects on day to day safety.

What does the course aim to achieve?

The course aims to foster a clearer understanding of their own behaviour and the behaviour of others, how to approach potential unsafe acts of others with confidence, clarity and commitment.

What will you learn about?

The principles of good safe behaviour, how to approach people, why we all see things differently, hear from a guest speaker who has been involved in a serious accident, what actually makes us safe, complacency and ‘at risk’ behaviours.

Course length?

1 day, depending on the range of practical exercises required

How many people on a course?

A maximum of 12 people

Typical Course Outline

  • How good are your observations?
  • Safety perceptions
  • Real life talk from one of our guest speakers
  • Unsafe acts and unsafe conditions
  • Importance of beliefs, attitudes, values etc.
  • The importance of the A.B.C. Model
  • Violations and errors
  • The wheel of safety – exercise
  • Various clips examining behavioural issues
  • The Swiss cheese model – going forward

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