It is essential to achieving compliance and beyond!  Many staff see the benefit in adopting a service that is already available to businesses using Pro-Evaluate.

The survey we carried out of 1,000 workplace employees found that 75% wanted their bosses to invest in health and safety technology. 50% said it was to make workplaces safer, 64% said that it provided a better audit trail, 70% said it enabled improved tracking of actions.

In addition, 72% of employees believe digital health and safety solutions would help organisations become more compliant and manage the safety of staff more effectively. Pro-Evaluate Audit and Compliance Module is the solution to digitising workplace Health & Safety audit and compliance, whilst the Incident Reporting Module is the solution to learning from near misses through to serious accidents and converting that knowledge into safety improvements throughout the organisation.

Whatever the size of your business Pro-Evaluate offers a solution to improve efficiency and ensure compliance with Health & Safety law and beyond.  The investment in Pro-Evaluate can add further value across other business areas that require compliance or auditing including: HR, IT and Finance.  By digitising the process, you have real-time visibility of tasks that are outstanding, helping you to prioritise what needs to be done, when, and by whom to ensure your business always remains proactive in its approach, identifying issues before they arise.

Digitising your current manual process is just the start, once you have digitised the basics, then real value can be added through further innovation.  For instance, connecting your Pro-Evaluate tool to the Internet of Things (IoT) in the future could enable certain audits to start automatically (e.g. when in range of the assets you are auditing) or the asset itself alerting you it had done so many miles or had not moved for a period of time.  Even without this element, Pro-Evaluate ensures that audits are done in the right place, at the right time and by the right person.

If you realise the need for software like this but are struggling to get the necessary buy-in from management, then get them to consider the following.

The Business Benefits of Digitisation

  • Real time audits
  • Record and manage near misses, accidents, incidents as they happen
  • Capture videos / pictures as the same time
  • Every transaction is time and date stamped
  • Produce user specific dashboards to drive action
  • Flexible role-based reporting which allows analysis of trends
  • Exception based alerting, means you will never miss a non-compliance / non-conformity
  • Removes the lag between capture and submission
  • Configurable to meet your business processes
  • Access to templates across the business
  • Consistency in approach

At a cost of as little as £5 per user per month, can you really afford to continue with your paper-based systems?

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